10 Best Recruitment Assessment Tools To Consider For 2022


Skills assessment tests have altered the hiring process for both employers and job seekers. According to Aberdeen Group research, skills screening exams before recruiting decrease turnover rates by 39% and enhance workers’ possibility of surpassing performance targets by 24%.

Companies used to be confined to using resumes and portfolios to assess individuals before interviews, which are only sufficient at best and far from dependable. Then came the tech screening exams, which completely transformed the game.

What Are Skill Assessment Tools?

Best Recruitment Assessment Tools

Pre-employment testing software examines candidates objectively to assist organizations and HR departments make educated hiring decisions. Organizations may use these solutions to screen individuals for personality, aptitude, and abilities, to mention a few. Soft skills evaluations are also available for talents like organization, communication, problem-solving, and motivation.

Some pre-employment testing software provides industry-specific or position-based skill assessments for jobs like sales managers, accountants, and technical writers. They may also offer generic assessments that organizations may tailor to their sector, position, and corporate culture.

Pre-employment testing systems frequently feature pre-designed and configurable exams that may be administered online or on-site and deliver real-time test results and data. Pre-employment testing solutions are commonly integrated with applicant tracking systems (ATS) or are part of a more extensive recruitment package. Companies interested in testing individuals’ technical skills, such as IT, engineering, and coding, might employ technical skills screening software.

Technical skill tests may be a recruiter’s best friend if properly constructed. A poorly designed skills test will fail to evaluate candidates, and you may hire someone unsuitable for the position. This is why it’s critical to use the correct technical screening tool.

Let’s look at the best Recruitment Assessment Tools to consider for 2022.

10 Best Recruitment Assessment Tools

How To Gain Competitive Advantage Through Effective Recruitment

1. Adaface

Adaface helps organizations discover skilled engineers by automating screening interviews with a conversational chatbot, Ada. Ada engages candidates with a friendly conversation involving relevant challenges instead of asking trick questions on a test. For each role in a business, their subject matter experts create a custom assessment founded on the role’s needs.

The platform is developed to help businesses and candidates find out if they’re the right fit for each other–for candidates to figure out if they’d be a good fit and for companies to figure out the best-suited candidates for their roles while still being humane with the interview process.

Their core features include Testing for on-the-job skills, non-googleable questions, conversational assessments, friendly candidate experience, self-serve (easy to set up), advanced proctoring suite, custom assessments, 500+ skills assessment tests library, granular scoring, hints, no trick questions and unmatched live customer support.

2. The Predictive Index

The Predictive Index (PI) is a talent optimization technology that combines business strategy with people strategy to achieve optimal business outcomes.

Sixty years of verified science, software, and a rich curriculum of insightful management workshops make PI the resolution for any business looking to create distinguished teams and culture, make objective hiring decisions, and encourage greatness in their people worldwide. Over 9,000 clients in 142 countries use the PI.

3. eSkill

eSkill Corporation, founded in 2003 to deliver readily customized online examinations, has grown to become a global leader in job-based skills assessment software and content.

The software from eSkill makes it simple to tailor appropriate multi-subject examinations to a wide range of work needs and other testing purposes. eSkill has evolved into a trusted organization in skills testing for thousands of businesses worldwide, including Zappos, Randstad, Orvis, LG, and many others, with over 3,500 combinable subjects and subtopics across broad disciplines, including IT, Programming, Office Software, Accounting, Healthcare, Legal, Call Centre, Retail, and more.

4. TestGorilla

TestGorilla gives you the most excellent tools for screening prospects, allowing you to make smarter recruiting decisions faster. With their collection of 200+ scientifically proven exams, you can start forecasting real-world job success right away.

Because using many test types in an assessment provides the most predictive value, they have a developing test library that includes cognitive ability tests, programming tests, software skill tests, personality tests, cultural add tests, language tests, and more.

They provide a variety of question kinds, allowing you to conduct one-way video interviews, enable candidates to submit portfolios, and more.

5. Mercer Mettl Assessments

Mercer Mettl is an all-in-one online assessment platform supplier that can help you efficiently grow your people management procedures. Their assessment tools test personality, aptitude, communication, and job-specific abilities.

Mercer Mettl has a collection of 200+ ready-to-use talent tests and question banks for 800+ talents across 25+ sectors and most job roles to assist organizations in hiring and developing the appropriate people.

6. TestDome

TestDome is a service that assists you in screening job prospects via automated work-sample exams. They provide programming, information technology, customer service, accounting, administration, and general mental capacity examinations.

According to more than a century of studies in the human selection, work-sample exams are the best predictor of job success. Although it is simple to choose samples of work that best predict job performance, the primary reason why this technique has not been extensively employed in practice is that it is rather difficult to design short and context-free assessments using relevant examples of work.

And this is what they do so that their clients do not have to generate questions but can still benefit from work-sample assessments.

7. iMocha

iMocha was created in 2012 to streamline the interview process. Founded by two individuals with a passion for technology, they looked to technology to assist them in identifying hiring solutions and decrease the amount of time spent on the hunt for the appropriate people to hire. This saved time in the recruitment process by reducing the time required to interview individual job applicants.

In 2015, iMocha focused on skills evaluation and began developing hiring solutions. It offers assessment testing in various industries and continually adds new clients to its roster. Large organizations worldwide utilize iMocha assessments as they remodel their recruiting processes to keep up with advances in hiring technology.

8. HackerRank

HackerRank is a technology hiring tool for over 2800 firms worldwide to assess developers’ skills. It helps tech recruiters and hiring managers to objectively evaluate talent at every level of the recruitment process, allowing firms to employ qualified workers and innovate more quickly.

9. HackerEarth

HackerEarth is a complete developer evaluation programme assisting businesses in correctly measuring developer talents during the hiring process. Over 1000 firms use HackerEarth to increase the quality of their engineering hiring and minimize the time recruiters spend vetting prospects.

Over the years, they’ve also established a robust community of 4.5M+ hackers that flock to HackerEarth to compete in hackathons and coding challenges.

10. Harver

Harver is the industry’s premier hiring solution, assisting businesses in optimizing their talent selections. The company’s range of products, founded on over 35 years of deep data insights, helps employers to make the best employment decisions across the entire employee lifetime.

Harver has processed over 100 million candidates and delivers reliable, flexible, and customizable options that make recruiting better, quicker, and fairer. Harver is trusted by over 1,300 clients, including Booking.com, Peloton, Valvoline, and McDonald’s, to help them put purpose to work.

All in all

Skill assessment tools have revolutionized the recruiting process, enabling companies to screen and evaluate candidates more regularly and extensively.

A one-of-a-kind talent evaluation exam goes beyond presenting a candidate’s profile to provide practical insights into how equipped the individual is to deal with real-world challenges on the job.

Skill tests effectively save organizations time, money, and resources when it comes to hiring – or even examining a current employee’s eligibility for a different position.

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