Explore How Big Data is Changing The Android App Development Industry


For quite some time now, app developers have been unrelenting in their efforts to know what makes a good app.

It is quite interesting to see how they’ve been making constant upgrades to existing processes just to improve upon their past achievements and come out with something more exciting.

The introduction of emerging technologies into the whole scene is simply the most striking achievements these experts have made with mobile app development.

Big Data Making Huge Waves in Mobile Industry

big data mobile app development

Big data is one of those technologies that are currently making huge waves in the mobile industry. Ultimately, it is interesting to see how the introduction of this technology has led to a major breakthrough to data management which is now laying a foundation of a revolution in the industry.

It is a process that entails the use of data platforms employed by app development companies to solve common mobile-related problems.

Today, many app development companies are switching base from developing apps with traditional processes to building better and more efficient apps with millions of bytes of data mined on a daily basis.

Now, for the very first time, app developers can be seen designing their applications around data. All that they need to do is to find the right data platform to optimally store and retrieve data.

Android is one of such platforms. It is common to find developers engaging in the process of storing and retrieving data via Android app development.

Basically, developers adopt this method to enhance the process of computing relevant results in mobile apps. This is a process that involves a predefined data structure without which a development work cannot be completed.

Understanding big data features

If there is any technology that can be referred to as “larger than life,” it is big data. This is simply because unlike other emerging technologies, it essentially provides a detailed rendition of the user experience.

To this end, many app development companies are making significant efforts to gather and store data largely produced by users on a daily basis.

It is with these huge amounts of data collected that developers are looking to create mobile applications that will transform the way people interact with their mobile devices.

Just so you know, without data, applications cannot be created. Mobile apps need data to function. Once there is an underlying data source, it becomes entirely easy for any mobile app development company to define and develop big data applications.

However, there is the need to structure this data in a predefined way that will precisely help to define the function of the big data application.

When it comes to integrating big data technology with Android app development, it is important for developers to first understand how this interrelationship can help solve a common problem.

One important thing to know is that big data apps are meant to complement traditional single-problem apps and not to replace them. This app may include an in-stream component, a real-time component or a high-latency component.

Currently, there is no technology that can pragmatically and predictable manage life-cycles of data like a big data app. Just so you know, these apps are not limited to solving targeted user problems just as traditional apps that are established to solve specific problems.

Rather, providing solution framework for many problems should be the main objective of any mobile app development company looking to build a big data application.

Aside from helping to bring about the development of innovative applications, developers can effectively access valuable data necessary for maximizing the potential of already existing applications.

Enhance user experience analysis

Without proper or comprehensive analysis of users’ experience, it can very difficult to perform a successful Android app development project.

What this technology does is to stoke the full array of users’ behavior which in turn used to deliver an in-depth presentation of the main features in the users’ experience.

Then it is during the Android app development process that developers will seek to relay the entire range of wants and needs of the application’s users based on the results obtained from analyzing the collective user behavior. This is just what most developers will do. Some will even choose to analyze the big data tech behind the development of top applications to understand how it’s being done.

Big data is not meant for complementing the efforts of developers on existing applications. Interestingly, mobile app developers can adopt this technology to assist in the development of new applications.

With this technology, any mobile app development company can efficiently develop applications that meet the exact needs of mobile users.

In order to establish an optimal user experience, most app development companies will choose to first analyze relevant big data apps ranking top in their respective category to gain full understanding of how the application will function and what exactly users expect to achieve with the apps they are making. No doubt incorporating big data into app development can go a long way to make an app stand out from the rest.

Developing a big data app

Developing an appealing and function app is the dream focus of every mobile app development company. Users will not hesitate to do away with any app that fails to fulfill their immediate needs in the best possible way.

The best way app developers can effectively relay the needs of their users is by conducting a comprehensive analysis of user experience. Interestingly, this can be well achieved with big data technology.

Author Bio: Harnil Oza is a CEO of Hyperlink InfoSystem, one of the leading app development companies in New York, USA and India having a team of best app developers who deliver best mobile solutions mainly on Android and iOS platform. He regularly contributes his knowledge on the leading blogging sites.