Top 5 Common Ecommerce SEO Mistakes & How To Fix Them


As an e-commerce retailer, your website plays a major role in attracting and converting potential customers into loyal ones. It becomes extremely important to implement your SEO strategies effectively as a small mistake can make you lose your customers and create negative impacts on your website ranking on search engines pages.

Ecommerce SEO campaigns are one of the best ways to attract traffic to your website and boost online sales over the internet. You might face a hard time achieving higher rankings when you don’t have knowledge about right technique and maintaining an online presence effectively.

Furthermore, a bad e-commerce SEO strategy can negatively affect the revenue of your business. Therefore, it becomes important to resolve all your e-commerce SEO problems as and when detected by your team.

In this article, we will talk about some of the common eCommerce SEO mistakes and ways you can fix and most importantly how you can avoid them. 

Why Should e-Commerce SEO Mistakes Not Be Overlooked?

Common Ecommerce SEO Mistakes and How to Fix Them

80% of the e-commerce stores over the internet fail to operate their business in an effective and efficient manner due to the poor implementation of SEO strategies and lack of efforts put in improving the same.

In order to succeed as an e-commerce retailer, you need to first succeed at your website SEO campaigns. If you tend to overlook addressing your e-commerce SEO issues as and when they occur, then there would come a point where you won’t be able to apply fixes to most of your historic data.

As a result, you might also end up with a site that is too bloated to load in even 5 seconds on most digital devices. 

How To Detect SEO Mistakes? 

SEO strategies are complex to understand and more difficult to detect. To perform a comprehensive SEO audit in order to detect SEO mistakes you must consider taking help from marketing experts.

Marketing experts consist of highly skilled and experienced professionals who possess vast knowledge in every aspect of digital marketing such as technical SEO, copywriting, link building, content marketing, and many more.

Therefore, you must consider taking services from reputable and reliable marketing agencies to identify various SEO problems and mistakes on your website. 

What are the 5 Ecommerce SEO Mistakes & How To Fix Them? 

Let us look at some of the common e-commerce SEO mistakes that most retailers make and ways that will help you improve your ranking and boost your revenue sales over the internet.

1. Your content is not SEO friendly

Your web content such as blog posts is one of the most essential pillars of your SEO campaign. With help of web content, you can add relevant keywords and provide detailed information about your products and services to encourage your customers to stay longer on your website.

However, if your content is too short, contains duplicate content, isn’t satisfying search intent, or lacks informative content then it might create huge negative impacts on your website ranking. 


One of the best ways to overcome this SEO issue is by creating detailed and informative content. In-depth and comprehensive website content generally performs well on most search engine pages.

Many often tend to stay longer on websites that offer them detailed information about their search queries. You must also make sure to create unique and valuable content to satisfy user search intent to improve traffic on your website. 

2. Neglecting titles and Heading 

Another major SEO problem is neglecting your titles and headings. Descriptive and unique titles and headers can play a vital role in informing both readers and search engines about your page content and whether it offers relevant information or not.

Not putting much thought into your titles and heading can disappoint your reader and reduce your chances to interact with them. 


In order to improve your title and headings, you can use relevant keywords. As your title tags often tend to appear on the SERPs with the help of keywords you will be able to inform your users about your content more effectively.

Descriptive titles and subheadings can also help SERPs distinguish your content from other rest more quickly and easily. You must make sure to create readable titles to guide your readers through your content. 

3. Failing to optimize your product pages 

Customer reviews, product descriptions, and other related content play a vital role in boosting traffic rates on your website.

If your website currently lacks these essential elements then it might be one of the reasons why your website isn’t able to perform well on search engine ranking. 


Product reviews can influence the purchase decision of most customers online. You can create a space for customer reviews on your website in order to improve your engagement rate and know your customers appropriately.

While writing the description of your product you must make sure to highlight the benefits and directions on how they can use your products for different purposes.

You must also make sure to optimize the pages on your website based on search intent. You can include relevant keywords on the description column of your website.  

4. Overlooking mobile users

With the growth of mobile users in the past few years, more than 76% of consumers over the internet use their smartphones to shop on various websites online.

If your e-commerce website is not a mobile-friendly website then it can create a huge problem for your business to survive in the long run or in the coming future. 


One of the best ways to fix this SEO problem is by simply using a more attractive design to enable your website to adapt to any user device. This way you will also be able to improve your website page load speed and make them stick longer on your website.

Your user experience can either make or break your website’s engagement rate. Your mobile-friendly website should consist of important information to help your users easily navigate your website and find the relevant products.

5. Duplicate Content 

Duplicate content can create some serious problems for the website and SEO rankings of your web pages. This is one of the most common mistakes that most retailers tend to make on their web content. Using the content that is already available on the internet won’t help in boosting your website ranking on search engines. 


At times it becomes difficult to create unique content especially if you have many competitors selling the same product online. In such cases, you can use other forms of content such as images, infographics, videos of your products to make your products pages unique and relevant.

You can also add introduction paragraphs, short reviews on how to use the products for different purposes, and more. Along with that you must also make sure to add customer reviews on your products to attract the attention of customers. 

These were some common mistakes that are often overlooked by most e-commerce retailers over the internet. We hope with the above-mentioned information you will be able to make mindful decisions while framing your e-commerce SEO strategies and global seo strategies too.

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Author Bio: Kiara McColl is a content manager at Clickmatix digital marketing agency, where she gets to do what she loves doing- writing and managing content with smart digital marketers in the company. She also has expertise in web marketing, search engine optimisation, social media, affiliate marketing.