Computer Clubs Are Still a Thing and That’s Why


Computer clubs are still a thing. You can’t just gather at somebody’s home with those old-fashioned LTE-monitors and alcohol-free beverages anymore. While the computer clubs today offer you a company to play your best game, a drink or a snack and nearly no “yo mama” jokes.

At least worth noticing, right? And it is also a great way to make some money if you are ready to invest. Well, you have to buy some top-notch PC’s, a bit of consoles and rent a place to store them and invite people. And a computer club managing software, of course.

But what you are selling in your cyber café is not just another eSports tournament. Sometimes it is merely an atmosphere of mentioned old-fashioned LAN-parties, when you were gathering in your friends’ basement and playing 24/7 the immortal masterpieces: Red Alert 2, Jagged Alliance 2, StarCraft and Duke Nukem’s coop.

That’s why people will always try to reach a computer club, and that’s why it is still a good idea to start this kind of business.

Sorry for a long intro. Let’s talk of business. If you are into starting a computer club, you’d better think of all the pitfalls before. But you know what? We’ve already done it for you.

So, what does it take to make a good computer club?

7 Things That Make a Good Computer Club

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1# Accounting

That’s boring and has nothing common with a magical world of gaming, but that’s something you absolutely should take care of before starting your LAN-center. You have to know where does this money came from and where should you send them to.

Counting money is a must, otherwise you’ll see yourself broke with absolutely no idea how that’s happened. And you’d better make sure these payments will be traced in real time.

2# Consoles compatibility

Make sure you can launch consoles in your club in one click. People hate waiting and want to start playing the moment they pay for it. Take into account that modern consoles are incompatible with PC’s and require additional efforts from your administrator.

Look for a way to control them via administrative panel – or let people pay and play automatically, for example using QR-codes. And no – you can’t ignore consoles at all – times of PC/console wars are long gone. Don’t let stereotypes stand on your way to wealth.

3# Hardware

If you are going to start a computer club you probably should know that video games tend to consume plenty of PC resources – and your guests are preferring to play in ultra HD on the highest graphics settings. That’s why you should pick the best hardware possible.

Your perfect game stations will make sure your guests return at your place again and again, increasing your profits. Don’t forget about large screens to make a great view for your players and notice that the resolution should be 4k.

4# Software

Some helpful software may come in handy. A cloud service of your choice (i.e. Microsoft’s Azure) will help you to gain access to any data you may need, while CCBoot can help you to renew all your PC’s, easing your life and saving you from spyware, viruses, and trojans.

Note that soft firmly – after every rebooting sequence every PC is going to be wiped clean. Preliminary setting of it might be tricky but eventually it will save you plenty of time and nerves.

5# Games

Too obvious. That’s why literally everyone forgets about games. First, you must know your audience and what you are trying to sell. Baldur’s Gate is great, but too little too late. StarCraft2, DotA2, LoL, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – these are the must.

Also you have to keep in mind that people often want to participate in tournaments and perform in eSports. That means you need licenses distribution system – in case you don’t want to spent a wealth buying them. Make sure you keep your game base updated and running smoothly.

6# Follow The Trends

ESports is a hobby for losers no more. Quite the opposite – it is a reach and vast money-making industry $5 000 000 000 worth. Want your part of this pie? Than you’d better start  taking it seriously. Think of attracting a cybersports team, or start an eSports school.

Get involved – make your guests feel they enter a vast community of like-minded people. Arrange live cybersports broadcasts, help your guests to play with notable teams or gamers. Invite streamers – some of them are like rock stars to gamers. Make a separate “cybersports zone” inviting teams to train and play. Like every business, you should be immersed into this life, not just attend eventually to take the cash.

7# Run Things The Smart Way

Managing program – choose wisely. You need a tool that includes all the software required – accounting, PC and consoles control, statistics engine, booking and lots of other things. It better be available from mobile devices. Also, as an owner you should be able to see how the things are going without annoying your staff and even without visiting your club.

And it is absolutely awesome if your managing tool has a cloud service to store the data, letting you widen your computer network the way you like and storing users’ profiles. You might want to check SENET by Enestech – a managing program for computer clubs that already includes all the mentioned above.

The Bottom Line

Is starting a computer club expensive? Yes. Is it worth it? Eventually it is. You have to pick the right place, to dive into the world of eSports and gaming and in general to make plenty of right choices. What you get is a loyal community gladly bringing you wealth and joy.

Adding you with those hints we don’t mean you have to start the huge computer club – get started with several PC’s and a console and expand as soon as your business develops. Just make the first step.

Author Bio: Alina Rod