17 Career Opportunities in the Esports Industry


Staying on top of the latest developments and business trends in today’s fast-paced world is paramount to forming new insights about future prospects for growth. The esports industry is a market largely ignored for its potential to channel growth for small businesses, perhaps due to its nature of focusing on competitive online video games which may seem arbitrary and immature – especially to those who are not familiar with gaming and online video game interaction. Few recognize the esports industry for what it is: an up-and-coming million dollar market with global audiences and a wealth of job opportunities across all sectors.

As the esports industry grows, there is an accompanying demand for employees in job fields including management, marketing, finance, design and even translation services. Esports has emerged as an international phenomenon involving huge online audiences from all countries. It has even led to the creation of location-based communities that rally to support players, watch games online or try their own hand at gaming. Developments such as this have led to an increased interest in esports-related content on social media, as well as live events and sponsored functions.

Naturally, the huge amounts of money being pumped into the industry from sponsors and viewers alike has made it a lucrative sector with competitive salaries and great benefits such as international travel, career development and exposure to the latest technologies worldwide. This infographic from Computer Planet provides wonderful insight into some of the many available jobs in the esports industry, as well as the experience that each one entails and what you could expect to earn in the various job roles. It also serves as a reminder that it is imperative for small businesses to realize the impact of this upcoming sector and the potential that it holds for both business owners and their employees.

Career Opportunities in the Esports Industry

Career Opportunities in the Esports Industry

Author: Marcus Clarke