8 Hottest Social Media Marketing Trends in 2017


Social media statistics from 2016 saw the rise of more than 2.3 billion active users and more than 1.9 billion active mobile social users worldwide in social media. Due to this large congregation of potential targets within the social media sphere, 83% of all marketers have began to take advantage of social media marketing as a way to boost sales and reinforce their brand identity.

But that is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to the advantages of social media for businesses. Aside from updating your business’ followers on the ongoing news and progress that your business is making, is it also a useful tool in order to drive targeted traffic to your online domain, or essentially, your website. This gives your website a tremendous boost in SEO – and as ContentFac puts it, “A killer content strategy for SEO is the most important part of earning top spots in search engine rankings, but driving traffic to your optimized pages will cause them to climb much faster in the search engine results pages (SERPs).”

Social media allows you to have a meaningful connection between your business and the market in which it operates in, as well as learn from your consumers, the industry leaders, and the influencers that your consumers listen to. Even simple engagement opportunities and activities such as liking posts, comment replies, retweets, commenting, sharing, pinning, and the like, when it matters, can lead to a “reel relationship building”, which is essential for your business. It can help retain customers due to the relationship you have managed to establish with them, as well as form important connections with the industry leaders who may be willing to help your business grow.

Many marketers and consumers alike do not consider social media as a mere communication tool or a simple advertising tool – it is, in their perspective, a way to connect with authenticity, which is a huge advantage that your company will greatly benefit from.

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These advantages only prove how indispensable social media is as a part of your marketing strategy. And with 2017 currently running its course, social media activity and consumer preferences are bound to bring forth changed social media trends, which are bound to affect your strategy in more ways than one.

Here are social media marketing trends 2017 with in-depth infographic shared by CJG Digital Marketing.

8 Social Media Marketing Trends 2017

The Top 8 Hottest Social Media Marketing Trends in 2017 (Infographic)