7 Attributes of a Profitable eCommerce Website in 2021


When it comes to developing a good eCommerce site, there are many factors and initiatives that one needs to put into place to ensure that you can attract the right customers to your eCommerce store.

You can compel your customers to buy your product by making it easy for them to find the products on your site. By also having a trustworthy point of sale to ensure that they can carry out necessary financial transactions on your site is also very important.

Running an eCommerce website makes it easy for your customers to buy from you from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day. However, you have to set your site up to attract more visitors from which you can create loyal customers.

Engaging your website visitors can also help you to improve your brand identity. To ensure that your eCommerce website is set up for you to maximize your profit, there are factors that you must consider and attributes that you have to include in your website interface. Here are a few productivity tips for your eCommerce website.

7 Productivity Tips For Profitable eCommerce Website

7 Attributes of a Profitable eCommerce Website in 2020

1# Product description and product demos

If you are going to convince someone to buy a product from your online eCommerce store, the least you can do is let them know what the product is, its features, what it’s about, how to use it, etc.

You should not expect anybody to buy anything from you without giving them the right information about what they are buying. If you put out a product description that is not clear or explanatory or one that confuses the customer, you can as well expect not to sell much of that product.

You must run through your website and ensure that the product pages contain all the necessary information to inform the visitor’s decision and encourage them to buy the product.

If the product is one that is difficult to use or requires certain steps, you might want to add a demo video on how to use the product on your website.

2# Easy Navigation

For any website at all, the ease of navigation is very important for many reasons. One of them is that it increases the user experience and also helps the website to rank better. For an eCommerce website, it is even more important.

When your website visitors can’t find their way around your website, it is unlikely that they stick around long enough to figure it out or find a particular product that they want to buy.

Good navigation increases the user experience and ensures that they come back to the site. Adding features like menu, and also ensuring that the product is well listed in their different categories.

Just ensuring that your visitors can easily find the products you are selling can help you sell them successfully. It is also important that they can return to the homepage easily from any page on your site.

3# Use a Search Bar

This is a pretty obvious one but it is also very important and definitely cannot be overlooked.

Imagine a scenario where your customers require a particular product on your site but your eCommerce site is not easy to navigate and there are no categories list and no search bar. How do you think they will feel if they have to go through hundreds and thousands of products on your site to find just one? Not happy!

Also imagine that they can easily click on a search bar, type in the product they want and get what they want in the blink of an eye. That is easier right?

This is all a part of your user experience and good user experience could go a long way to make the visitors become regular customers.

Irrespective of how easy your navigation is, a search bar always comes in very handy.

4# Make Checkout Easy

You only have to think of what you have probably experienced personally at a brick and mortar shop while trying to pay for your shopping.

The ease with which you just show the cashier your products, get the total price, pay and walk out with your goods. You should do all you can to replicate that level of ease or even more on your eCommerce website.

It is important that your customers can pay for the products that they buy hassle-free. You must also ensure that the payment option which you use is fast, safe and secure. The easier they can pay, the more they trust you and the more they buy next time. That is my personal theory, anyway.

Nothing frustrates a buyer more than being stuck trying to pay for a product, especially because money is involved.

It is also important that your payment option is not limited to just one option. The more options you provide the buyers, the more people will buy from you.

5# Use the Shopping Cart Feature

You do not go to a grocery store or supermarket and gather the products you are buying on your hand, do you? You use a shopping cart! So, this is an important feature for your eCommerce site.

While there is a very strong possibility that you are already using this feature, it is important that your shopping cart has a simple layout, has the necessary checkout buttons, and can also display your brand effectively.

There several elements that must be present on your shopping cart page. Some of these elements include the ability to choose shipping options (with the appropriate price), select quantities, choose a payment option, enter promo code, add more or remove some of the products, etc.

6# Add Customer Reviews

If you are going to make people buy a product, you must be able to convince them about the product. While the product description is one way for you to convince them, another way to convince them is to add customer reviews.

People tend to believe what they hear from others about a particular and many people will seek out different reviews about a product before they decide to buy them. So, this feature is important for your eCommerce website.

Showing the customer ratings for the products alongside the reviews and recommendations for the products can convince prospective buyers to buy the product.

Customer reviews can also help you to build loyal customers that will keep coming back to your store, especially if they can also rate and review the product.

7# Update Your Website Content Regularly

Since you are an eCommerce website, it is extremely important that you regularly update the content of your website. You do not want your website visitors believing that you have a product when in reality you have run out of stock.

In the same vein, you do not want people to believe that you do not have a product when in reality you just restocked on that product. So, regular and constant updates are very important.

You must make sure that your team is on the round to regularly update your site, especially after every sale if possible. Another advantage of constantly updating your site is that Google will give you a better rating because of your activeness.

Google and other search engines are always looking to provide the best possible response for their users. So, websites that are stale or do not update regularly are pushed further down the queue and priority is given to the websites that update severally in a day.


If you want to run a successful eCommerce site, you must do the right things and add the right features that your website needs to stand out. One thing that you must be particular about is the user experience of your website, as it helps you to retain your customers.

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