Extend Business Hours With Live Phone Answering Services


First and foremost, think of these questions before proceeding. Does your business need extended hours? Do you receive a lot of calls even after office hours? Are you able to keep up with your after-sales? If your answers fit the questions, then you’re in the right place.

Thinking about how to expand your business requires a lot of brainstorming and stress. You have to keep up on the ongoing trend of the economy and at the same time creatively planning your business pursuit.

One of the most important aspects of business is how you will be able to sustain a good quality of service for your customers. Imagine acquiring more clients through online services. Will your physical store be enough for your business?

This article is mainly focused on the benefits you can get by acquiring a live phone answering service and why you should subscribe to it. Research shows that 80 percent of businesses are conducted over telephones.

In a market with large competition, you should be aware of how to place your business platforms. Visit this website to expand your knowledge on the advantages of phone answering services.

How You Can Benefit From It

Extend Business Hours With Live Phone Answering Services

Let’s say your business is in line with digital technology services. You will be needing a physical store so your customers will have a place to go to. At times, they will address their queries either through emails or phones.

Having a customer service representative will raise your awareness about how your business ventures out after product distribution to your target market even after your office hours.

On average, business hours usually operate for 8 hours a day. If your business is starting to expand, you will be needing to hire more employees to accommodate your widened market.

With the lack of office hours operation, you might miss out on calls from clients. Remember, even with your physical store closed, there will be clients needing your help.

Role Of Live Phone Answering Services

These professionals can tend to your consumers while you are away. A loss of a client is might as well as a loss on sales.

Here enter the live phone answering services. They try to work out your needs. You can even customize scripts that go with your specifications.

What To Expect After-Sales 

Selling your products to your target market is quite easier than the after-sales. By market segmentation, you will be able to identify what your target market consists of.

On the stage of target marketing, you will be able to identify who your audiences are and what their behavior will be towards your product. After buying your product, some consumers might complain about the service of the product distributed to them

For example, a customer bought a brand-new laptop that comes with free software installation. Unfortunately, the software crashed while being used by the new laptop user.

What he will do is to call your office to seek help. Customers might call any time of day and might have to call even after business operation hours (read more).

Remember, some clients lose patience when they cannot seek the right answers immediately regarding their concerns or complaints. One missed call from a client is also a loss on your sales.

Cost Saving Hard Work

Adding up more employees means an additional cost to salary expenses. You will be needing to compensate for their benefits.

With additional employees, you might not be able to observe each of them when they work, which will consume most of your time. Investing in a live phone answering service will save you a lot because you need not employ more people in your physical store.

You might not ensure the quality of service they give out to your target market if you employ new people to work for you. Instead, you can put your trust to phone answering services. These professionals are trained well to give out quality outcomes.

Trouble-Free Service

A poorly answered phone call might give your business a wrong impression. Reputation is important when having a business. Your business can be determined if it’s successful or not based on its ratings.

People will always talk about your company if you give out excellent customer service to them. Your customers can also be advertisers. You have an opportunity to acquire this type of professional service with companies such as Intercon Messaging – Quality answering solutions and the like.

These live phone services professionals have undergone training to meet and give out quality service to their investors. They only ensure the best and easy ways to communicate with your clients.

Stay Professional

Professionalism should always be present in all types of jobs. This is the quality that each employee must instill in them. Without it, it would be chaos, and the possibility of your business failing because of the lack of a professional touch will be a high percentage.

If you are an employer and a business owner, each of your employees should undergo screening. Do not forget, your employees are representatives of your business. People will see how your business works based on how they face your employees.

Take care of them so you can count on them to do their jobs properly. Compensate their salary to the amount of work they take. You wouldn’t want them to take advantage of you, and so they are.

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Author: Rose Ann Rosales