Facebook brings New Face Recognition Feature


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face recognition
Source – usatoday.com

Users are more likely acquaintance with Facebook as this the First most way of communicating people with their love ones. It is zoomed to 700 million people. So it is very important to update it frequently. Sharing of pictures and videos is too mainstream these days on Facebook. Developer contemplated this need and add the feature of face recognition in messenger to directly send their picture and videos. It is named as “Photo Magic”. Although Facebook now owned Instagram and WhatsApp, but face recognition feature is not introduce in these app till now. It is activated by tapping hour glass icon which recognize your face which permit a user to directly get in conversation with your friends and you can turn it off and on. Instead of the traditional blue with white text, there will be an empty white box. Facebook is just increasing their engagements with users over 9.5 billion photos were shared between users on Messenger within the last month.