5 Surprising Facts About Time Management Skills


Time is always slipping from our hands. Time is a commodity we wish we had plenty of. Further, the time has equivalent in dollars, and it will serve us best if we can make the most out of it.

One of the most crucial soft skills to master is time management that ensures that you are always delivering things on time and showing that you are reliable. If a person wants to be professional in his field, possessing hard skills may not be enough and in order to be productive, some soft skills like time management are required.

A company hires people for their time and within a specified time limit they are required to use the skills necessary to solve problems or to produce an output.

Employees and managers can have the benefits by using free time tracking tool. This device helps everyone see the goals that should be met and the clear outlines of projects and timeline for each phase.

Time tracking software keeps everyone coordinated as well as give managers an overview of how time is being spent. It also serves as a timekeeper for employee attendance. The outcome of using a time tracker would be a better use of time, better productivity, and streamlined communication for all concerned.

5 Ways to Boost Your Time Management Skills

time management skills

1# Keep a List

The things you must accomplish for the day may overwhelm you. We all have tons to do each day and we wish we could finish them within the day.

The best way not to let your to-do list overwhelm you is to keep a list and set realistic objectives. When you wake up in the morning you should already have a plan for the day.

You must keep to a 1-3-5 rule. This technique means accomplishing one big thing, three medium things, and 5 little things. This method makes everything so simple. When you are planning out your calendar make sure you are properly jotting down the items that need urgency and others that need less.

2# Get Organized

You must be organized with everything otherwise you’ll just spend huge amounts of time searching for stuff and those seconds and minutes add up into hours.

If you work and are paid by the hour that is not a good thing. Keep your desk including pc apps and programs neat and organized.

To achieve this goal, you have to keep the important stuff always on hand and keep the less important things away. Important items may be information, such as documents, files or data.

Everything should have a designated area within your desk. Before beginning your work, you may spend the first five minutes organizing so you will have a better workflow in the succeeding hours to come.

3# Interruptions

When you are working interruptions will be all over the place. Communication is necessary to make progress on projects and work but too much of it can be a distraction.

You should minimize interruptions in work to maximize your time and energy on the things that matter. Some of the distractions you will encounter in your workplace are client e-mail, alerts, phone calls from friends or IM chats.

Aside from the fact that these interruptions eat up your time they also cause you to lose concentration, lower your productivity and keep you from completing tasks. Interruptions also cause stress. If possible, keep away from interruptions and turn off distractions.

Do not open your messaging window, turn off your social media and achieve more. One extreme measure is to put a Do Not Disturb sign, when you do so, other people will know that you are doing something important.

4# Fight Procrastination

When you are required to do something, you may be tempted to postpone it and do something else entirely such as sleep, relax or do something fun.

We all fall into the habit of putting off work because other activities are simply more pleasing, or we feel we need to build up the energy to start the task.

However, seconds, turn to minutes and then to hours. Time is wasted, which is a time you will never get back. Make it a habit to fight procrastination whenever you feel that the urge is seizing you.

The only way to keep yourself from procrastinating is to push yourself harder and tell yourself that things need to get done. No excuses. You have to get off that bed and endure the pain to attain pleasure. The important thing is to get yourself started.

Once you are working you will begin to enjoy it and your creative juices will start to flow. Pushing yourself beyond your limits will be worth it in the end.

5# Take Breaks

You are not a superhero and you cannot work long hours without getting burned out or letting quality go by the wayside.

If you are working for 8 to 10 hours straight you have to take breaks in between. You need to give your body and your brain time to rest and recharge.

The break also gives you fresh ideas for your work. Resting is not wasting time because when you go back to work after a break you will have renewed energy.

Rest, have a cup of coffee or take a short walk, it’s all good in the end. You will be producing better and top-quality work.

Final Words

Time is the stuff life is made of. Good time management means a better life. Applying time management skills in the workplace means you will be achieving your potential and making a relevant contribution that is a product of hard work, good planning, and delivered within set time limits.

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