Google Brings Startup Accelerators


Google has now introduced a startup accelerators for developing countries. Google announced that they will launch a “Launchpad Accelerator” to accelerate startup trends in developing countries.

In this regard, Google is offering $50,000 seed funding without acquiring any equity in startup business and they will also offer $250,000 to startups. In order to provide technical assistance, Google will provide space for work mentorship and a team for advising first 6 months.

Also the startups will enjoy two week boot camp in Google’s headquarter in California and Google will bear all these expenses for their startups. This Google startup accelerator program will start on 18 January and they will also introduce 24 startup accelerators in his headquarter.

First of all, startup accelerators will work with Google team and their responses will be figure out with some special task that shows the potential and strength of the startup accelerators.

Google also commit that it will give opportunity for Googlers as well as non-Googlers. The people from Indonesia, India and Brazil and also those who have a large number of users of their products can easily apply for Google Startup Program.

The startups of the “Launchpad Accelerator” include “Prodeaf” from Brazil, “English Dost” from India and “Kakatu” from Indonesia. All the startups for the first session will get through this. All these apps are associated with mobile category.

Google perspective is to develop startup’s product and the app on which the developers are going to work. Some of the companies just select the apps but Google is not like them. Google is totally committed to do work with startup accelerators.

A large number of Entrepreneurs are willing to become the member of this billionaire startup clubs with their new creative and innovative ideas and plans. Google recently joins the” Ycombinator” for the influential of startups accelerators. Now entrepreneurs from developing countries can easily apply for Google startup accelerators program.