The 10 Highest Paying Jobs in China in 2023


Are you Googling for “what are the highest paying jobs in China?” If so, I’ve compiled a list of for you.

Likewise you, there are lots of other people who want to know about the booming economy of China and the opportunities available for them. They want to live and get settled over there because of its top economy status.

If you have the same desires and want to get an attractive job that will improve your life standard, simply explore the following list of high paying jobs in China and see where you stand.

Top 10 Highly Paid Jobs in China 2023

Highest Paying Jobs in China

1. Sales Executive For Luxury Goods

People did not appreciate the sales of luxury goods that much a few years back in China. But now the manufacturers of luxury goods are earning a great name as well as big amount of money each month.

They are expanding their businesses to an incredible extent. As a result, the job of luxury goods sales executive has come on the top of the list of highly paid jobs in China.

2. Computer Software Application Engineer

The computer software application engineers are also enjoying handsome salaries in China, and the scope of this industry is increasing day by day.

The corresponding majors of this field are software engineering, CS and technology and electronic information engineering. Jobs related to these domains are also highly paying.

3. Advanced Financial Controller

Finance is an important aspect of every business. That’s why finance experts and CFOs usually enjoy highest remunerations in the industry.

Due to this trend, there is a high demand for Advanced Financial Controllers in China, and this job is also included in the list of 10 highest paying jobs in China for the year 2020.

4. General Manager and Supervisor

The corresponding majors of a General Manager and Supervisor in China are marketing, trade and international economics and business administration.

If you have a great experience in the management field, try to secure these types of jobs because you will get good remuneration each month.

5. Senior Management of Hotels

The job of senior hotel officials has also currently become one of the highly paid jobs in China mainly because of the tourism industry.

6. Loan Officer

Loan Officer also comes in the list of common jobs in China that are highly paying. The corresponding majors are trade and finance, international economics and accounting, etc.

7. Foreign Bank Executive

In the year 2001, China started making efforts to open up its financial sector gradually. Up till now, the demand for the Foreign Bank Executives and the financial talents is increasing and the Foreign Bank Executives’ job is one of the highly paid jobs in China.

8. Mortgage Broker

The Mortgage Brokers have the corresponding majors in trade and finance, business administration and international economics. A Mortgage Broker job is also one of the highest paying jobs in China.

9. Manufacturing Director

A Manufacturing Director must have a sound knowledge of science and technology, should have outstanding skills for speaking foreign languages and should be experienced enough to deal with every kind of situation.

Such a Manufacturing Director earns a lot of money in China, and this job is not yet included in the list of common jobs in China.

This is the reason that the demand for Manufacturing Directors will not be decreased in the coming years.

10. TV Stars

There are lots of TV Stars in China who are earning impressive amounts of Yuan by performing live.

Being a Television Star in China is considered to be one of the highest paying jobs over there. Many skilled people can earn a substantial amount of money by showing their talents online.

Some other highest paying jobs in China include the positions of fund managers, sports stars, game designers and internet developers, law firm partners, etc.