How Can Video Marketing Be Used To Boost Client Engagement?


My friend started a business of graco spray gun and was worried about customer engagement. According to him, it was going great at the start, but eventually, everything went wrong.

At the start, there was a healthy customer flow and an increasing revenue cycle. Later, the customer flow decreased, and he went into loss.

What do you think was missing, and what made him go this low?

Well, the research shows that a short span of the customer is always temporary happiness. Consistent customer engagement is a key to success, and without it, there is no lead generation or revenue cycle.

The short attention span of customers is an alarming sign, and it makes you realize why customer engagement is necessary. For long-term success and a friendly user experience, you must have consistent customers on your page.

When you people at the back end, you know you can sell your products even when the market is low. All the smart business owners work on the idea of customer engagement because they know a temporary success is always supposed to end.

Why Video Marketing?

How Can Video Marketing Be Used To Boost Client Engagement

In this era of the internet, social media strategies keep on changing, and to meet this change, you need to update your business strategies.

Now people are interested in watching video content because it grabs their attention and boosts your business engagement. Video content is a current demand, and it helps you settle the shrinking attention span of customers.

In this time, customers have a realistic approach, and they want to get proper details of products before purchasing, for example, if you are selling titan spray gun parts, your customers will expect video content as it is naturally more engaging.

A video alone gives you all the product details more than any other form of content. Therefore, video marketing is the current obsession, and it is a great format to build a successful business future.

How Video Marketing Increases Customer Engagement?

Customer engagement is all about an emotional connection with a brand. It represents the true customer’s relationship with a company and how much they trust them as a brand.

So, when you work on your marketing strategies, make sure that you keep customer engagement a top priority. Video marketing is one of the strategies that can help you connect with customers more effectively.

There are different ways by which you can make your video marketing strong, and it includes:

1. Create connection through stories

The best way to communicate with customers is to directly approach them through video stories. Make a video story with key elements like characters, suspense, and drama.

When you modify your storytelling and make it interesting, it becomes a piece of cake for you to engage your viewers. For this purpose, work on tour video content and make it more interesting and worth watching.

In a marketing context, you have to create content that has relatable characters and events. And make sure that your storytelling is according to the values of your audience. When you create something keeping your culture in mind, people connect to it and show interest in buying.

2. Build trust with social proof

Video marketing is all about winning customers’ trust. When your clients can trust a brand, it is a sign of success at your end.

Social proofs give authenticity to your content and help people trust you as a brand. They help you drive attention and emulate the attitudes of people.

For this purpose, create testimonial videos to let customers understand your products l. It will improve user experience as they get the opportunity to trust your products through real messages.

Testimonial videos are inexpensive, and they save both your money and time. They carry all the necessary information you want to share and convey an emotional connection to your customers.

When people see testimonial videos, they feel connected as they get a face-to-face experience of your products. Another way to build trust with social proof is to make unboxing videos. They are more engaging, and they get more views compared to other video content.

3. Make a mobile-friendly message for customers

Video marketing is a flexible way of engaging customers because the message it conveys is user-friendly. You can create unboxing videos for people interested in buying products.

Moreover, you can also make explanatory videos for software-related services. They help the new and old customers understand your services, and give them a friendly experience of connecting with your brand.

You can view videos on desktop and mobile, both because they ensure a viewable portrait mode on all devices. Customers get easy access to video content, therefore it is one of the most engaging marketing strategies.

It is also user-friendly because you get the option of subtitles which is a plus point. You can watch them in public places even without headphones, as you can understand the key messages through readable captions.

4. Respond to video engagement

Video marketing is a simple marketing strategy that helps you increase customer engagement more than any strategy. It offers you a platform where you can respond to your customer engagement.

When you respond to your customer engagement through comments or messages, people on the other side feel more connected. A simple like or reply increases the interest of customers and gives them a solid authenticity of your existence.

Video marketing increases customer engagement because sometimes a simple clip gets viral and makes you famous in days. Even negative comments have a good impact on customer engagement because looking for controversial things, and your response is a big thing for people.

5. Expand reach with video

Video advertisements are the best source of engaging customers. It is one of the most growing and effective marketing strategies for now.

You can use video advertisements as a source of getting more potential customers. It helps you reach customers faster as they have more views.

You can boost your video marketing by adding video advertisements to it. It is a great addition that can help you boost your customer engagement.

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Author Bio: Hamza Abbasi is a keynote speaker on social media strategy, LinkedIn marketing & social media marketing trainer, MediaHicon digital marketing author, and MediaHicon SEO consultant for global organizations.