7 Marketing Strategies For Video Production Company in 2022


The world has changed a lot in recent years. With the internet age, everything is moving on to a digital space. And the whole advertising industry has evolved with it.

Now you can see different advertisements on your browser, mobile phone, and almost everywhere. This is the digital age and digital marketing is the trend these days.

Owning a video production company requires a lot to focus on marketing and marketing strategies. From your brand being promoted to getting feedback from the clients.

A proper marketing strategy needs to be designed before you start off. We have listed step-by-step marketing strategies for video production that you can follow to increase your brand reach and get more new clients for your business.

7 Marketing Strategies For Video Production Company in 2022

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1. Invest in a website

This is the simple thing that you need to do when you need to do for your marketing strategy i.e. to create your website. You can take up a domain name and hosting for the website from any hosting platforms and design it according to your preferences.

Everything is moved to a digital space nowadays and your website is the first window through which your client can see your brand and your work on the whole. Invest in yours.

According to Michelle Thomas, this can be a fruitful investment of creating your own website and showcasing your work there.

2. Market Research

This is the first step you can do and also the most basic one as well. You should do the market research first, and that is something most people overlook most of the time. Spending time researching is the best investment that you can make for your video production business.

By doing so you will get to know about the trends and what all the things are in demand. By Knowing your strengths and weaknesses you can do good for your business.

When you can develop a marketing strategy based on your market research then that is going to pay you off better. You can establish your market with the clients and set yourself apart from others.

One more thing that you should focus on is that you don’t undercut your competition. Dropping your price does not make you gain more clients.

Often they might think that you are not capable of delivering what other companies are delivering. This way you can lose connections with other companies also. Don’t do so and then you will end up having no clients and connections. If you enjoyed it, why not check out more content from the author, Michelle Thomas.

3. Showcase Your Value

The best way to gain a client’s confidence in you is by showing your value, your work, and your accountability towards work. You can use your company’s website, social media handles, and streaming services that showcase your ultimate work.

The key here is the value. What value are you trying to bring to the customer and the client? Are they satisfied with it? You should work with proper work ethics and professionalism to show your value.

Now the question arises is what is your value? This means that you need to hit a specific keyword and your company and work should imply that. Your value proposition is the measure of what value you are providing to your clients.

You can create some motion graphics to showcase your worth and show the clients what you are and what working with you feels like. This ultimately helps you gain more new customers and you will have a competitive advantage over all the other video production companies in the market.

4. Networking is Key

Networking is the key. It is said that your network is your net worth so think about it and work on it properly. There are many times that through your twerk you will be able to get a big movie project.

So acting in that direction will surely bring more revenue to your company. Networking with your clients, showcasing your work to them, and having meetings with them is a big deal. You can also show up at a networking event to meet new people and turn them into your potential clients.

In today’s time if you lack this skill then surely you are lacking on the big projects that you can do but you won’t be doing. You can meet new owners and ask them for any work that they require. You can find your potential clients by researching in the market by visiting them or can pitch to them online through their website.

Well, the medium does not matter much, it’s just they know about you and your work. You can show interest in their product or service if you want to work with them. Be personal and at the same time professional and engage with your clients in the best possible way. Tell them what value they can bring if they work with you.

5. Request Referrals

Client referrals can be your secret sauce to getting more clients. Because these days clients like to see your previous world and how well you can fulfill your previous word requirements. A lot depends on this as well. So if you have any previous client that is happy with your work then you can surely ask him out for a client referral.

This way you can ask them for a few words of feedback that you can put on your website as your testimonial so that new clients can see through it. Make sure that you put the right name and the company name for which you have worked. And you will be surprised to see the number of new clients that would come through this way.

Be sure that you are professional with your clients to show them you are accountable for your work. Your client referrals are the gateway to many new clients that will like to work with you on their next project. Whether it’s a small budget film or documentary, the whole thing depends on your work and how you present them to your clients.

6. Utilize Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to promote your work online, without the need of spending too much on it. Just make sure that you should present yourself as a brand and your work is all that matters.

Never try to make false promises through your advertisements because then people will come to you for your work, and if you are not able to fulfill that they might not work with you longer.

This brings a negative image out there in the market that you should try to avoid at any cost. You can show your video style through social media so that your potential clients get an idea of what it feels like to work with you.

Your social media is the medium between you and your clients for deals and work-related things. You should professionally present yourself on social media handles. So that if a new client searches for you then he should be having a positive image of you and your work.

Engagement is the solution for all your business deals. The more you engage with your clients you can present yourself and your work. And the chances are that the client will like to work with you. It opens the door for your new clients as well. With social media, you can reach a new customer base and get work from them also.

You plan a social media content strategy and then plan accordingly, for this you can even hire a social media manager for managing all the tasks that you want to accomplish through social media. You can make engaging content for your social media to reach new clients.

7. Produce Great Quality Work

This step is a no-brainer to promote your business and you need to produce great quality work. They will see your creativity and then they will continue to see your business. If you’re producing great quality content, this means you are already in the market known for your work.

Making your work great is the one-stop solution for all the promotions. By doing so your work will speak for you. You can use animations and motion graphics to showcase your work.

You can even see the benefits of animations that it makes the customer understand the work in a simple and easy manner. Also, you can include more of these in your video style.

You should communicate with your client properly and clearly about the requirements of the project so that you can fulfil the requirements to the mark. Making your client happy is the first thing that you should keep in mind.

And honestly, there is no better marketing option for marketing than your work speaking but you. You and your production company should have a brand image about the work that you provide to your clients. And that is all you need.


Planning a marketing strategy for your video production company is not as tough as you think. You just need to be smart in making decisions and taking action at the proper time.

By following all the above steps you are Sureshot to increase your customers and clients. Be sure you are providing value to your clients to get more new projects. Your brand image is all that the client will see and make sure that you are in line with all the values and professional ethics that are required from you.

So buckle up and get set ready for some action. Use these tips and you are all ready to slay in the world of video production. Be ready to be at the top of your game.

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Author Bio: Michelle Thomas is a Marketing Analyst and Blogger in Scanteam. I’ve been working with web analytics, data collection and analysis for 7 years. I also work in the area of Big Data. My experience helps to be a professional in marketing and related industries.