How Small Business Can Create Change in Your Community


Small and local businesses impact and change the shape of our communities more than we think and surprisingly in a subtle clever way. Small businesses add character and individuality to a community and enhance its personality.

The neighbors helping neighbors with a clear conscious and friends helping other fellow friends. However, small businesses does and is much more valuable than that. The benefit the community in more ways than a product or service.

You have the power to make a positive change by opening a small business. The ownership power you have has given you the opportunity to engage with all different aspects of life in your community. To survive and thrive as a small business, you’ll have to keep all this in mind.

Running a small business is about so much more than your product and your profit. All business and its owners all over the world are trying to make a different in their countries. Whatever the size of your business is, consumers expect the most out of the products and service.

Now, I’ll tell you a few ways that your small business can create change in your own community, and in turn, find that loyal, conscientious audience you’ve been seeking.

8 Ways Small Business Can Create Change in Your Community

How Small Business Can Create Change in Your Community

1# Unique Identity

Imagine your community. Now go to your main street or shopping district in your mind. Now imagine it with a small businesses of any kind. Instantly, the area has an appeal and makes your community unique and brings a certain charm.

Small businesses reflect personality of a community. Many communities that have small business add in tourism of that town/ city as well as preserving the unique character a vibrant small business community creates a unique selling point and attracts and outside audience too.

2# Local Jobs

Local small business creates an increase in number of available jobs in a community. It creates a more save environment for the people living in a community, reduces the amount of traveling and commuting employees need to do to their work.

A small business opens local jobs which reduces the unemployment rate while producing great numbers for your economy. Another added plus point is that, small business in one community can also increase job opportunities at other nearby businesses. You can click this to find available local job opportunities.

When you have an active community with a small business, the people are more likely to shop around from one business to the next as opposed to going to department stores fat off for everything they need, hence creating more jobs.

The more attention a small business receives, big companies are also bound to be attracted towards that community. Like Titan readily made their products e.g. titan 440 impact parts to businesses which made it easier for the people living there and increased job vacancies for local employers.

3# Product Diversity

Small businesses innovate and diversify the product range in a community. Small business are more likely to expand into different types of business for example food cafes, groceries, pharmacy, hardware which brings me back to the titian 440 impact parts which are a diversified products available due to small business in your community.

4# Increase in Tax

The tax usually generated by small businesses causes increase in the city’s revenue which is used to make improvements in daily aspects of life like roads, schools, parks, hospitals etc.

When there are more local costumers for local businesses, there is more money for the local community. The taxes in return are benefiting their community and making their own lives better. Shopping online, for example, may not keep tax revenue local.

Small business owners most of the time spend their money locally. The tax money is used for raw materials that helps them create their products which helps strengthen the city’s economic status. And a small business owner supports fellow small business owners hence increasing tax revenue.

5# Healthy Competition and Revolution

One thing a business has to do whether it’s big or small is that they definitely have to stand out in front of their competitors to survive.

Small businesses have more work to do as they’re striving to be one of a kind, innovative so they can serve their customers well. Small businesses are mostly started by finding a solution to a common problem, whether by providing services, providing local need products or in developing new products.

Innovation is key for successful small local business and so healthy competition fuels the energy for the business to thrive better, improving the quality of their goods and services that small businesses offer and ultimately bringing added benefits for the costumer.

If you think about it, benefits for the costumers is also vice versa benefit for the owner. Win win right?

6# Community Relations

Small business are started by owners who live in their own community and are proud of the fact that they work there and help in changing the lives of their community members. And the people living in the community also realize this hence increasing an overall likeliness for each other in one community.

They can build reputation of their small business through volunteer work and community involvement which causes relations to be stronger and is the best kind of advertising. It helps bring a community together whether its kids or teenagers or grandparents.

Let me tell you a secret, quality time and passing along knowledge can build up communities more than anything else.

7# Low Maintenance and no Need for Huge Infrastructure

Well, one thing small businesses really help a community is with the noise, bulldozers and hassle of construction. Small businesses doesn’t require a lot of buildup and maintenance as your standard large corporations.

For example Titan opened in a lot of communities and for their different product range like titan sprayer parts, titan 440 impact parts, titan guns etc. which required remodeling again and again and a bigger space. Small business tend to take less space by even being added to an already existing building.

8# A better Lifestyle

Small business not only brings a change in life by opening a store for convenience for the community with different range of products. A lot of small business produce their product locally and organically which I think is a benefit that’s exceptional.

The service you want can be personalized and plenty of customers are interested to give suggestions. A community small business owner is also have the best knowledge about their product and their costumer personally hence are better able to guide towards items that will fit well and suit a personal aesthetic.

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