Product and Service Creation: Keeping Your Community in Mind When Developing New Systems


As any aspiring entrepreneur or creative director knows, creating products and services for the general public is something that requires a skillful eye, attention to detail and a little bit of luck!

However, more of the market is implementing product creation strategies that alleviate aches and pains from their local community as opposed to re-inventing the wheel or creating the “next big thing.” Although there is a strong desire for business mavericks that create the future out of thin air, great success can be found by identifying local situations that are being ignored by the powers that be.

From health-related issues to slow transportation services, soon-to-be business giants are using their brains and talents to address common problems that are often swept under the rug. Located below are a few areas that may provide success for the hardworking and focused reader that takes action while placing emphasis on customer needs.

How to Develop New Systems?

developing new systems

1# The Medical Field and Market Speculation

One thing that will always take precedent within an individual’s mind is their health and well being as they begin to age.

Common issues like heart disease, diabetes and chronic fatigue leave individuals feeling powerless and unable to enjoy the little things in life that we take for granted.

With the app industry and tech giants starting to run out of ideas, more tech-savy programmers and technologists are targeting their local communities to see what health-related issues they may be facing. Each sub community is a unique basket of ideas waiting to be capitalized on by business hopefuls.

To the readers that wish to kick start their entrepreneurial endeavor immediately, perform market research and find the statistics associated with your city or state.

Forming a solution based on these metrics will ensure that success not only comes easier, but in a more timely fashion. Also, it creates real change that has an immediate impact on the environment and citizens around you.

2# Become a Problem Solver, Not a Problem Creator

Although this may sound like simple information, becoming a problem solver will force your creative mind to perform actions that others deem heroic.

Too many times are we faced with products and services that invent a problem as opposed to solving a pre-existing one. Social media applications, fake shaving software and devices that simulate the sound of work so we can snooze on the job may be comedic in their delivery, but in a broad sense, they’re useless.

For the reader that wants to make an impact on the world, ask yourself this question: Are your ideas promoting a sense of leisure, or do they make the lives of others better?

Real businesses know that being effective in their approach and useful in their solution is the difference between a successful company and one that fails.

Addressing problems, like the one John Holahan, creator of SimplyThick, tackled have a worldwide application that helps thousands of people. Popular outlets have even illustrated this epidemic when they broke down the biggest failures that Silicon Valley produced in 2017.

Among this list are reinventions of the vending machine, how we search for a roommate, and yes, how we consume our fruits and vegetables. This is a perfect summary of how entrepreneurs are trying to invent problems that don’t exist as opposed to creating unique strategies that provide an answer to problematic topics.

3# Small Solutions Create Huge Results

For those of you that may think your strategies are limited in scope and impact, think of how success translates into the rest of the world.

Creating a solution that addresses, say, a local medical epidemic can be applied to the rest of the state, country and, ultimately, the world as a whole.

Think of your efforts as an expression of humans as a collective, not a get-rich-quick scheme that only works for a select few.

The steps to becoming successful stem from the idea of putting the client first and molding your actions based on what they desire.

If you can follow this path in your business endeavors in the remaining year leading into 2019, you will find great success. For the remainder of the year, focus your framework on trying to be useful to your clients and customers as opposed to an idea machine.

Author: Jane Brown