5 Best Social Media Apps To Manage Business Online


Today, social media apps are considered to be very essential for the business management. They help the entrepreneurs to save their precious time.

We all know that time is the most important thing and it is also treated as money.  But in startup businesses, owners usually pay high attention toward the social media marketing in order to effectively target their customers online.

In this way, entrepreneurs often spend their much of useful time in online marketing and they completely ignore the other business operations.

No doubt, marketing is highly important for startups because it is the only thing that can generate and boost the sales of company but if business personals spend their extra time on social media marketing then probably they will not be able to concentrate on other business operations.

In order to save time, social media apps for business always play an important role in developing a business vast as it is a very easier way of communicating and keeping eye on your business in a hand.

If you are running your small business, then social media management apps can help your social media to take your whole activity in a cellular phone.  These apps can helps you to view multiple businesses in one place and negotiate with them.

These apps can be downloaded on smart phones and also used for further processing.  In fact, these social media apps for marketing are user friendly, as they facilitate you to run your business smoothly and allow end-users to make their profiles and relish with their need.

If you want to save your precious time on social media marketing, then here is the list of five useful social media apps to manage business online that can help you to pay equal concentration on all sections of business.

5 Social Media Apps for Business

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1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the most popular app with extensions of dynamic features, options and settings.  It gives an ability to manage your all social networks and schedule your messages, emails and etc.

They listen all the complaints and what audience saying about this app. A well- oriented environment is manage to run your business. It also give you the analytics of how your efforts can be received and how you will you move further.

The most interesting thing is that Hootsuite brings all of the social network at one place. It is the most rated app on android/Apple for small business. It has its own dashboard and you can share any business entity on Facebook with 2.895 billion monthly active users, Twitter with an estimated 353.1 million users and other social websites.

2. Pagemodo

Pagemodo is a web app which allow users and managers to manage their social media networks. It help you in launching the page swiftly give you extensive feature of creating your own design for a page, cover, and picture.

It provides you the facility of the custom tabs and visual post. Another good thing is that it also have a feature of scheduling task.

Also, it provides the Ads facility on your website or any social media. You can sell your products using Product tab. Increase your engagements by using pagemodo.

3. Social Oomph

Boost your social productivity! It gives you the features for Twitter named as avid twitter which allows you to schedule your tweets. You may also connect your account with Facebook and LinkedIn.

It simply gives you feature of tracing keywords save your drafts. It provides most premium and free services. And the most intellectual feature is that it can trace all your older twitter conversation and list them all.

You can schedule your post and avoid wasting time. It is a web based best social media application.

4. Buffer

As from its name which means to speed up your social marketing business. It the best way of sharing your social marketing management and agencies online. It is web based app which schedule your post and ranked it high.

Further, it is the one of the best social media business apps among all. It allows optimization of social website content. Load your post automatically. It is also named as pre-loading feature app. Add post select the contents you want in your post add images and post them.

You can add all of your accounts in it. It optimize them automatically and you can share it on other social networks. It is compatible with android, windows and iOS.

5. Zapier

An app for integrating and automation to extend. Connect all your social account and use it in one. It optimize your data and allows you to schedule your each task periodically. It allows you to add Zap and then connect to app.

Zap are automatically generated using Triggers and Actions. It can also unlock your apps. It connects to a web app very quickly. You just need to search, integrate and automate your app.

Wrapping Up

Managing all your apps at once is a difficult but by owing these social media apps you can easily prior your task and apps. Give them a try to save your valuable time.


Author Bio: Nabia Babar is a Pakistani freelance writer as well as a graphic designer for WordPress SEO Company. She loves to write on hacking, business, and technology.