How Mobile Apps Have Changed Investing in the Financial Markets


Smartphones are now a ‘basic human need’. We use them to monitor our bank accounts, check our emails, communicate with our loved ones, and even monitor the weather. Smartphones have proliferated every industry, and the financial markets have not been left behind.

We are going to look at how smartphones are changing the financial investing space and what the future holds for online mobile investing.

How Mobile Apps Have Changed Investing in the Financial Markets

Use of smartphones in the mobile sector

There will be an estimated two-and-a-half billion users of smartphones across the world by 2019. This indicates that approximately more than half of the world population are accessing online information relatively instantly, and as a result, some websites are providing the necessary financial services to users through the mobile phone.

The investment community is now appreciating the presence of mobile applications that are easy to use and enable users to make investments instantly.

Provision of financial information instantly

The influence of the digital age has become central as the wealth managers and third-party managers are pushed to the side. Traders have never been happier as they are now able to obtain the latest financial information of their holdings within seconds.

Traders are now able to place trades on their stocks and other financial instruments at any time of the day regardless of where they live. Although it is a revolutionary application, we also need to appreciate what it has brought to the financial markets.

Volatility and liquidity

Now, most of the people who are getting into the world of online investing barely posses any experience, and this has an impact on the market.

Some professional traders have noted that the newcomers in the world of online investing are making uninformed market trades. Before online trading, these kinds of reactions was only available to a small portion of the population.

Currently, a significant amount of investors present are new to the investment field. They are vulnerable to market prices and sentiments now more than ever. This has brought about an increased level of liquidity and volatility.

Advanced mobile applications and algorithms

There are several unique mobile options in the markets offered by various brokerage firms. Many Android trading apps have won awards for their reliability to provide online investors with valuable market data. Both iPhone and Android devices have apps for trading the markets, enabling people to make trading decisions from anywhere.

Just remember an Android or iPhone battery replacement is recommended if you need to be reliably tethered to the markets while on the go, since these apps tend to drain the battery fast.

The investing applications have provided investors with a massive edge. These apps offer investors immediate access to historical information on the holding in question, access to monthly growth charts, market sentiments, and trading feedback on social media. New traders now have a much shorter learning curve when approaching investing.

Using mobile apps for trading commodities in Financial Markets

Mobile apps for trading commodities cannot replace the desktop version of the applications because they do not have the full capabilities of the desktop version.

All the same, they are not intended to replace the desktop versions but to offer an alternative way of investing the markets on the go. Traders are happy to know that they can monitor the markets any time using mobile apps.

New traders are now able to dive into commodity trading because the traditional traders had to be attached to a computer throughout the day.

The best way of using mobile trading platforms

It is hard to make a living out of daily trades in the futures market using mobile apps, but you can position trades easily using mobile apps.

The basic rule is to do your research before the trading day so that you can monitor the markets through a mobile app as you carry out your daily activities.

Traders tend to look for specific charts and price levels to initiate their trades. When you plan, you can easily work with mobile apps to place the trades.

In the recent years, it has been tough to trade commodities; technical traders are using advanced chart patterns and sophisticated algorithms. Fundamental traders are now able to access a lot of research materials. Mobile apps have now made it convenient for traders to access information much faster to make better decisions.

We are now in the time where technology is pushing boundaries and disrupting markets in more ways than one. Smartphones are advancing their capabilities every year, and we are left to wonder what is out of reach with the innovative landscape of the mobile space.


Author: Jane Brown