How To Evaluate Technical Skills In A Candidate


A technical test is a common test designed for the candidates to not only showcase their knowledge in front of recruiters but to assess spatial reasoning.

When hiring a suitable candidate for a job, it becomes the toughest challenge for the recruiters to assess the technical skills in a candidate.

Testing technical skills is important when working on a skills evaluation. Every company has a different task of recruiting candidates.

Only those candidates who have a vision of becoming an engineer, mechanic, technician, fall into this assessment test.

There are various ways by which a recruiter can evaluate technical skills of a candidate and some of these are highlighted below:

12 Ways To Evaluate Skills in a Candidate

How To Evaluate Technical Skills In A Candidate

1. Pay Attention To Job-Related Skills

Judging job-specific skills are highly relevant for the company that is about to recruit a talented candidate at a work. Every company should shift its vision from general skills to job-related skills.

It is because most workers would be aware of general skills and to know how that person will perform on and off the job, the recruiter should pay attention to job-specific skills.

2. Provide Sufficient Tools To Candidates

Instead of making a candidate know about the technical skills evaluation, it would be better if they get a chance to show their technical skills in online testing possession at the office. They should be provided with relevant tools, equipment, to utilize in real-time.

3. Look At A Quality Resume

If you are looking for a candidate with good technical skills, then it is mandatory to give due importance to a resume.

First, know what the key requirements at your office are, and then start looking for a candidate that matches the requirement. If they possess all the technical and soft skills, then take them ahead in the next process.

4. Shortlist Based on Experience

Once you have shortlisted a candidate by looking at a quality resume, now it is the time to move ahead and shortlist the candidate based on the yearly experience in a specific field, knowledge of mechanics, etc.

Ask them relevant questions at a time of interview and judge his\her mental ability to be sure whether he\she is capable of performing their duties well in the office or not.

5. Judge Candidate’s Skills

There are several ways by which a candidate’s IT skills are judged. One of the easiest ways is looking for a technical person from a company who has in-depth knowledge and who manages to take the interviews of the candidate.

It is better if the tech person handles the recruitment process and judge the technical aptitude and knowledge domain.

6. Take An Online Assessment Program

The virtual mode of conducting interviews is common nowadays. Many companies utilize their time by conducting an online assessment test. The candidate has to utilize their technical as well as aptitude skills to clear the assessment round.

These tests judge the mental capacity of the candidate as they are capable of doing a job or not. Such assessment programs speed up the hiring process with ease within a cost and time effective frame.

7. Automate Reports Formation

If companies are taking an online assessment test of the candidates, the results are automated without human involvement.

The reports are formed automatically without bias and hence, it gives a wide opportunity to most of the candidates to appear in an exam from any corner.

8. Evaluating Soft-Technical Skills

At the time of recruiting a candidate, the recruiter should pay attention to both the skills i.e. technical and soft skills.

It might be difficult for the candidate to excel in both IT skills and business skills. Hence, every company should make their vision clear and start looking for a candidate as per their priority.

9. Self-Assessment

The other way to evaluate the skills in a candidate is by self-assessment. You can provide a questionnaire to a candidate that includes subjective as well as objective questions. By appearing in these tests, not only abilities are judged but a candidate’s self-perception is analyzed.

10. Real-life situations

Most companies challenge the candidates to prove their skills in front of them by putting them in a real situation.

They assess the relevant skills in a candidate by giving them a challenging task to complete within a stipulated time. If they can clear the task without giving up in a real-time situation then they are capable of joining a team.

11. Preparation

Preparation is the key to success. One can step through the specialized exam on the web and set themselves up for an endeavor. Besides, one ought to consider old inquiry papers and settle them thinking about the time also.

The technical test requires mental ability and spatial reasoning and if the candidate can clear it then only he\she can prove their abilities in front of recruiters.

12. Business Game

Children love to play games, but when it comes to the business game, then adults also participate. To evaluate the technical skills of a candidate, most recruiters design business games for the candidate that serve the sole purpose of professional goals.

Therefore, such business games are also helpful when evaluating the right candidate for the right job.


Skills test plays a vital role in most of the companies at the time of selecting a candidate. The companies conduct such an assessment test to make sure whether the candidate is capable enough for a particular position or not.

Nowadays, most companies conduct an online or virtual assessment test for the candidates to best utilize their time and efforts. The results are automated without human intervention.

Moreover, the recruiter pays attention to both the technical as well as soft skills in a candidate who has a clear vision of becoming a successful technician, mechanic, or machine operator.

Hence, the above points are important when evaluating technical skills in a candidate. If you also want to pass a technical skills test, then you should know all these points to clear any job interview with ease.


Author: Gaurav Chauhan