Top 6 Instagram Feed WordPress Plugins of 2019


Instagram could be a wonderful content resource for your website, whether you would be using images from other users’ profiles or pictures from your account itself. Today, thanks to the below-discussed WordPress plugins, it is incredibly easier and simple to get Instagram content into your WordPress website.

The premium and free WordPress plugins are effective in making things really easy for you while displaying pictures from a particular Instagram user account on the website. While setting up or installing the plugin, you could freely choose the specific user account for importing pictures from, the exact number of items to import, and some more options.

The Instagram image feeds could then be inserted directly into your pages or posts or showcased in the footer areas or sidebar of your site by using a widget.

6 Best Instagram Feed WordPress Plugins

Some of the Best Instagram Feed WordPress Plugins of 2018

If you upgrade to a paid WordPress Instagram plugin that is featured here, you could do quite a lot more. Thanks to the premium tool, you could have easy access to more effective filters for determining the best pictures for displaying on your site.

For a relatively paltry financial investment, these premium plugins offer a wide range of options for the way the Instagram content is showcased on your site.

In the majority of cases, you could be viewing these presentation and display options very much in action via the live demos on all of these plugin pages.

1. InstaLink

InstaLink is a highly popular and hot favorite WordPress Instagram plugin that chiefly offers three ways of displaying pictures on your WordPress website.

The three ways would be including Username, Username Filtered Using Hashtag, and Hashtag. InstaLink allows presenting your Instagram pictures beautifully like a truly responsive photo gallery,

There are three effective and easy ways of setting up InstaLink. They are WordPress Shortcode, WordPress Widget, and Visual Composer Element.

It is quite easy and a simple process for customizing Instagram feed plugin. You could effectively alter the sizes.

2. InstaNOW

If you wish to showcase the Instagram feeds exactly in the manner you wish to, on the WordPress website, you may opt for the InstaNow. It would be providing multiple options for personalizing each item on your impressive Instagram Feed Display.

InstaNow provides chiefly three diverse skins for displaying your Instagram feed on your website. You could even have a number of options for specific account info area, or avatar shapes etc.

3. Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram

This is supposed to be a stylish but simple free Instagram feed WordPress plugin. Despite being a free plugin, the phenomenal download figures offered by the repository looks promising rather enticing for all new users. It is fundamentally a basic plugin for displaying Instagram feeds on your WordPress website.

Once the Alpine Photo Tile for Instagram has been installed, you need to look for settings. Moreover, you could initiate personalizing the plugin effortlessly.

It has shortcode and widget options for embedding the Instagram feeds. You must keep in mind that there are multiple ways of personalizing the display.

4. Feed Them Social

If you are looking for one single plugin for displaying content from a host of social networking sites on your website, your top choice would be Feed Them Social.

You would be getting a broad spectrum of options as this free version is known to support Instagram feeds, albums, Facebook feeds, groups & events, Pinterest boards, Twitter feeds, pins and also, latest pins etc.

If you upgrade to the premium Feed Them Social then you would enjoy the ability to demonstrate content from Facebook video feeds, YouTube video feeds, and also, carousals.

Moreover, there are some more extensions for this plugin that you could check out if you are looking for more choices. While using the free version of this plugin, you could opt for demonstrating content from a host of accounts and feeds including your own Instagram account and also, those of others.

This content could be showcased in your pages, posts, and some other content in the sidebar of your website. As expected, the content would be mobile friendly and responsive to allow maximum device compatibility.

Feed Them Social is supposed to be a truly customizable and highly flexible social media plugin which could be demonstrating content from a wide range of choicest feeds. You could have the opportunity of viewing the demos of this plugin ‘Feed Me Social’ on the plugin’s homepage.

5. WP Instagram Widget

WP Instagram Widget is supposed to be a popular plugin that is really simple to use while demonstrating Instagram content effectively on your WordPress website.

The installation procedure seems to be pretty simple and straightforward. Moreover, you do not require authenticating your integration.

You simply need to enter the fundamental details relating to your Instagram account and then you may select the place where to strategically demonstrate the widget on the WordPress website of yours.

This plugin helps to keep things really simple and this simplicity goes a long way in ensuring no negative impact on the website’s loading times.

This plugin has nothing much to it besides demonstrating the pictures from Instagram on your WordPress site. Suppose you are thinking about a basic but streamlined option, WP Instagram Widget should be your most appropriate choice.

WP Instagram Widget is a popular plugin and is a frequently tried and tested plugin on more than 200,000 WordPress websites. The good news is that it seems to have a good average user rating about 4.2 stars out of 5 stars.

6. The Enjoy Instagram Plugin

Enjoy Instagram is a great plugin that offers you a host of features for displaying Instagram content on your WordPress site.

You can use carousels or grids, and also, import content from particular accounts or hashtags thus, letting you do social feed integrations the way you want.

You can also use shortcodes and sidebar widgets to display feeds on pages and posts. It is a very versatile plugin and is regarded highly by most users.


These effective plugins have been shortlisted by experts keeping certain factors in mind including the features, usability, and support, etc. There are some more effective plugins that have not been mentioned here. Feel free to browse the Internet and come up with some brilliant suggestions.


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