Laravel vs CakePHP: Which Framework is Better for Web Development?


As one of the most appreciated server-side scripting languages, PHP is the conventional web development language for more than a decade. It is an open-source language along it grants a simple knowledge circuit and a multitude of valuable frameworks for companies-grade applications.

Many PHP frameworks perform agile development potential and improve application performance. This also supports startups, SMEs and enormous enterprises to develop with time.

PHP is an open-source server-side scripting style that is successful among software developers. With it, you get a brief learning sweep and a mixture of useful frameworks.

Even though the number of PHP frameworks to pick is several, CakePHP, and Laravel inhabit the most popular ones. They secure it simpler to scale your application as the necessity arises.

If you are thoroughly examining a PHP development framework fitting for your application, then here we have listed down two of the famous PHP frameworks and help you to understand which one will be the best for your project.

Laravel development aids have been increasing in prevalence, with the Laravel framework often signifying compared to CakePHP. This post will explain how to determine the best framework to satisfy particular market or solution necessities most effectively.

Laravel and CakePHP are both very famous PHP frameworks. PHP is often used for building dynamic websites or developing high-end applications. PHP frameworks execute it reasonably to build affordable websites with effective UI/UX design. Let’s find out which is the best one in the bottle of Laravel vs CakePHP.

What is the requirement for PHP frameworks?

Laravel vs CakePHP

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages for software development. One more cause to choose this style is the availability of different PHP frameworks to facilitate the web development method.

It is additionally one of the common preferred languages by software developers for a digital development project.

The pre-developed devices and libraries in certain frameworks cloak up the most utmost of the groundwork for producing a web application.

PHP frameworks preserve up plenty of time and stress from the developers.

Browse on to understand the benefits of PHP web support for creating a business website.

You will find more than 20 PHP frameworks in the business at the moment. And it notably enhances difficulty to pick the right one for a web development project.

However, now we have classified the most famous PHP frameworks in various categories, where you could decide which one is best for your product. So, let’s dive in!

What is the Laravel PHP Framework?

A PHP framework proceeds simultaneously with an MVC or perceived as Model View Controller and design model. The features of the Laravel framework include different ways to reach database services, which are beneficial in development and preservation.

In other words, Laravel is an advanced and open-source technology of PHP that facilitates simple and understandable coding. Its MVC purpose formulates designing easier by extending a clear performance and function. It also supports experienced and accurate documentation.

Advantages of Laravel

  • The Model-View-Controller circumvents the common design used to draft HTML and PHP code in a separate file.
  • Laravel is Easy to study with precise documentation.
  • The blade template engine of this framework implements an effortless experience along with combining HTML file logic.
  • Laravel in-house Redis and Memcached assistance.
  • ORM helps to digitize database mapping with an uncomplicated code over configuration approach.
  • The framework has secure management and extracting routing.
  • Artisan proffers command-line apps very quickly.
  • Dependency Injection interprets measuring and automation mandates.
  • Bundles and composers present various bundles of modular packaging methods and provinces.
  • It has chain management for withdrawing and queuing redundant tasks.

Disadvantages of Laravel

Contrary to other PHP frameworks, Laravel aids confined databases like MySQL, Microsoft Bi, and MongoDB.

What is the CakePHP Framework?

CakePHP is a modified PHP framework that utilises different software design prototypes with the assistance of renowned software engineering techniques which advance web development extra appealingly.

So it means, the CakePHP is a PHP web framework that serves the MVC design and uses for instance data mapping, head controller and current record assists the developers in the versatility and affability to act appropriately. This benefits in a more agile development method.

Advantages of CakePHP

  • With MVC help, developers do Cake to have marketing reasoning with interface separate. The division makes it simpler for programmers to operate on different models together.
  • CakePHP does not need programmers to practice complicated YAML or XML files to install a database and begin development. Automating characteristics provides for effective database management.
  • It appears with a templating method that allows programmers to develop the appearance and quality of an app within custom templates.
  • Code creation and scaffolding recognize programmers to build prototypes and the reusable system immediately to reduce the overall experience of development.
  • CakePHP allows programmers to immediately reach Core and App records, performing it more comfortably to determine uses for every class.
  • CakePHP begins with built-in devices to create web apps protected and reliable.

Disadvantages of CakePHP

The documentation is limited and expects more experience compared to another framework.

Key differences between Laravel and CakePHP Frameworks

Laravel or CakePHP, both of them are traditional and preferred alternatives in the business; let us consider a few of the significant difference:

  • CakePHP vs Laravel, are open-source frameworks, though Laravel develops free of cost, and the CakePHP is not.
  • Laravel goes on the object-oriented design, while CakePHP operates on the document-oriented database pattern.
  • Laravel is made from the Model View Controller (MVC) design, while CakePHP has performed on the Model View Controller (HMVC) structure.
  • Laravel is not proper for more modest projects and enhances a bit system for the equivalent, while CakePHP is completely more fitting for developing small-scale designs.
  • From the safety benchmark prospect, CakePHP performs a more significant purpose than Laravel
  • CakePHP is a more suitable opportunity than that of Laravel in the duration of the routing aspect.
  • From the scaling possibility, Laravel frameworks stand over the CakePHP framework, and this occurs more while estimating developing comprehensive scale projects.
  • Laravel framework is an extremely more suitable option than that of CakePHP in the state of agile web development and improvement perspective.
  • Laravel framework is an enormously abler decision than CakePHP in the matter of data alternate and treatment perspective.
  • In Laravel, there are compiler functions that exist while there is no before-mentioned characteristic for CakePHP.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Framework for Development!

The choice of the common proper open-source framework is not controlled by the fraction of features it may become but individually on your application specifications.

While every framework may accommodate one application compared to the other, you need to pick one that completely satisfies your scripting fundamentals. Particular characteristics as mentioned below need to be considered before using the framework.

1. Simplicity

In Codeigniter, the coding is performed completely inside the libraries which execute it simply for developers to enter any projects they are operating on. CakePHP also accommodates simple entrances to developers but has restricted access to data. At the same time, Laravel does not suggest that it is much easier.

2. Model View Controller

Model View Controller (MVC), is a device pattern applied for improving user interfaces. It performs the development section more apparent by structuring associated lines into three interconnected components. In extension, it also addresses the script a lot.

Developers can practice CakePHP on the MVC construction. While CakePHP only runs with MCV, Codelgniter has limitations. The exceptions perform the script vulnerable and anyone with entrance can create improvements to the query filtration.

1. Templating Engine

With a templating engine, both skilled and fresher architects can create attractive layouts. To acquire this completely you will require an extremely flexible, quickly configurable, lightweight template engine.

Laravel templating engine is the commonly accepted PHP development framework for anyone that does not settle on performances.

2. Framework Architecture

You must keep in mind the preservation of PHP frameworks. There might be a desire to make enhancements to the construction of your script.

You necessitate finding a framework that is easy to practice and make the needed adjustments. CakePHP and Laravel have designs that are simple to practice.

3. Community Support

To take the application to higher altitudes a good ‘community support’ will assist with any problems you may confront with the framework you are utilising.

There must be a society that has determined members like the CakePHP and Laravel framework. CakePHP provides you entrance to the most advanced firms and society of experienced programmers.

CakePHP vs Laravel: Who is the Ultimate Winner? 

Utilizing PHP frameworks is unavoidable if you aspire to gain more out of PHP web development. Nonetheless, which framework to adopt completely rely on your business requirements. If you’re stumped on how to proceed with choosing a PHP framework, then this post is perfect for you to determine.

Laravel or CakePHP, by this point you are certainly aware of the case that both these frameworks are all around. Picking the best PHP framework essentially based on the project specifications, terms of work, and the Laravel development company you prefer.

CakePHP and Laravel possess different characteristics and advantages that present them conveniently in some features. Also, give your innate creativity and interest a chance to discover the best framework for your product.

And once you determine the framework seek the most reliable Laravel development company that proposes the greatest attainable services to their client.

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Author: Colin Rooney