Microbot Push for dumb devices


Technology is boosting every day. Usage of internet products are increasing vastly.  It seems like we have a new automation tool for connecting our devices with our lives. Technology is going to that extend that one day we will automate our home gadgets and control them with a small portable devices. Microbot Push is a robotic wireless button that controls all the buttons to internet. Attach the Microbot Push to anything it will automate and relish you with a comfortable life. It is a Bluetooth device with a low energy level it has a button on it which is on and off according to users choice.

Structure of Microbot Push

microbot push
Source – theverge.com

The structure of Microbot Push comprises of plastic filled with gears and a battery. It is very easily stick to the device which you want to control. This product is highly useful in business nowadays as we just want a one click operation which can manage our entire business. Its major feature is to connect our lives with many buttons on Internet. Since then, you can control these functions remotely using your smartphone or computer. This is an ultimate gadget for lazy users and also for dumb devices. Microbot Push can be programmed to turn on appliances or electronic devices automatically.