On-Demand Apps Worth Investing in 2021: Top 5 App Ideas


A few years ago we used to make a list of the tasks and errands we had to run and do them ourselves. Today with the advent of on-demand apps we can avail of almost all the services within a few clicks while watching our favorite show on Netflix.

The technological advancements that were considered luxuries a decade ago have turned out to be necessities in just 10 years. Consumers today have grown prone to using quick services at their fingertips. The increasing craze of availing quick services is motivating other service sectors to start their on-demand services.

There has been an exponential rise in the on-demand app market both in terms of users and revenue. More and more companies are coming up with unique business models that can be converted into on-demand apps. As per the economist’s prediction, the overall mobile app economy is predicted to reach 6.3 trillion USD by 2021.

As a web and mobile app development company we’ve worked on several on-demand apps and the market appears strong and worth investing in.

If you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established investor and are looking for an on-demand app idea to invest in, then this is the blog for you. Read on to learn the best insights on the top 5 on-demand app ideas worth investing in 2021.

Top 5 On-Demand App Ideas Worth Investing in 2021

On-Demand Apps Worth Investing

1. On-Demand Cab-Hailing / Ride Sharing

The vehicle business is one of the most wide-spread businesses all over the world and offers many opportunities to explore. The market has plenty of sub-markets such as apps for cab sharing, truck apps, bicycle apps, cargo or logistic apps, and many more.

These apps provide their users with convenience and speed. As travel is the most essential part for any individual an on-demand app for the same is just the right piece to complete the puzzle.

Using this app one can book individual rides to their desired location, share a ride with other travelers, and even book rides to travel to nearby cities.

The app provides the user with all the driver’s details and also allows them to track their location. Along with this, the app offers the user the fare they have to pay and allows payment through different payment options.

2. On-Demand Lifestyle & Fashion Apps

Fashion is always in demand. If you’re a fashion enthusiast you must stay updated with the latest trends and lifestyle patterns. The on-demand apps offer latest trends in fashion and gadgets.

These apps have started making use of the Industry 4.0 techs such as Augmented Reality to improve the product presentation techniques.

For example, Lenskart an app to buy prescription glasses or sunglasses allows its users to try different models of spectacles from their catalog in real-time. The users can examine how the pair of glasses look from different angles and then go about buying it.

As the fashion industry is an ever-changing one there is always a new trend that crops up every few months. Investing in lifestyle and fashion has many untapped markets with strong business potential that you can explore.

3. On-Demand Service Apps

Gone are the days when we used to open our phone directories and look for service providers. The problem with those methods was that they were fairly time-consuming, required physical efforts, and the service provider could also bail out on consumers in need.

These conventional practices were replaced by apps such as Urban Company and Just Dial. They provide the users with all the essential information about service providers in their preferred areas along with their rates. Users can also book appointments by selecting their service provider.

The users would be presented with the charge they have to pay and a real-time tracking feature. Home and other services will always be in need and so the market for creating an on-demand app for the same is sturdy for the coming years.

4. On-Demand Health & Fitness Apps

The wave of keeping yourself physically and mentally fit has taken the world by storm. Due to the fitness ideas promoted by celebrities, politicians, and other fitness enthusiasts, individuals are seriously investing in fitness.

There are many forms of exercises and activities that can help one stay fit. Starting from the basics some apps teach you gym exercises, apps that track your sleep cycle and monitor your body, apps for tracking intermittent fasting, and many more. The apps that promote teachings on Yoga and Meditation have also gained significant recognition over the years.

Other than this apps that help you deal with psychological disorders are also present in the market today. So, it all depends on the ways of fitness that you want to promote. If you provide authentic practices with an easy-to-use app then it is bound to gain recognition.

5. On-Demand Errand App

At times you are so busy that you don’t have the time to carry out your daily errands and they keep on piling up with every passing day.

Today, there are on-demand apps for the same. All you have to do is add your tasks to the app and it will find reliable individuals who are capable of carrying out all your tasks.

TaskRabbit is a great example of the same. While using the app the user or ‘TaskPosters’ can place any number of tasks on the dashboard, and the app will assign those tasks to pre-approved ‘TaskRabbits’ that will take care of your errands. You have to make an online payment for the service you receive.

In a nutshell, the app takes care of all your pending errands while charging a small fee for the same. As our daily tasks or errands don’t end the market for an on-demand app for the same has unending potential.


Above we learned how on-demand apps have taken over the world and decreased human efforts. Also, the top 5 on-demand app ideas worth investing in.

The consumers in the US contributed a whopping 57.6 billion USD to the on-demand economy to cater to 22.7 million users annually.

The numbers speak volumes on how strong the on-demand market is. Do you have an on-demand app idea that has great business potential? Express your views in the comment section.

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