Why You Should Spend a Good Penny on High-End SEO Solutions


Once in a while, there are murmurs of SEO dying from the far-flung corners of the marketing world. However, the said field doesn’t seem to be dying off anytime soon, considering its approximately $80 billion of value. 

Any digital marketer, who’s not residing under the rock would recognize the fallacy in the rumors. However, the rumor is partly true as SEO has evolved over the years and its practices are progressively different than they used to be. 

Therefore, if your business has even a kernel of online presence then, SEO should definitely hold a significant space in your digital marketing strategy. The strategy in recent years has turned it into a branding tool rather than an active marketing tactic.

Besides, everyone perceives SEO differently; you would find myriad SEO techniques proposed by experts over the web, all varying, but with the aim to achieve a specific goal.

The companies, however, are coming up with novel objectives for their SEO strategy as the search engines keep dishing out unprecedented changes in their algorithms. 

So if you want your online business to thrive and be widely recognized, it’s highly recommended that you solicit the services of an SEO agency or an SEO professional, and arm them with SEO tools that are usually paid. 

If you still have doubts with regards to whether you should invest on high-end SEO solutions or not, then a further read may convince you indubitably.

7 Reasons Why You Should Invest on High-End SEO Solutions

7 Reasons Why You Invest on High-End SEO Solutions

1# The Treasure Trove of Organic Traffic

For almost every business, organic search is a critical metric for its performance along with being an essential part of the consumer purchase funnel, and an important step towards customer engagement and conversion.  

Google gets the most search queries, so most of the SEO practices will fall as per Google algorithms. As compared to other search engines such as Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, etc., Google holds a massive 87.96 % of the market share.

It doesn’t mean that other search engines should be of no consequences; in fact, they do offer brand visibility, particularly when you know that your target market utilizes those platforms. 

Therefore, if you end up as Google’s or other search engines’ trustworthy resources, it would contribute to your brands’ credibility pretty well. That would be only possible if you have a high-quality website and implement best SEO practices. 

2# Kicking Up Local SEO

SEO is a lifeline for local businesses as mobile searches have grown exponentially. Someone looking for lunch would just be waiting on a sidewalk and search “restaurants near me,” and if your restaurant happens to be nearby, but isn’t among the answers then, you have only yourself to blame for losing that customer. 

When you localize, you optimize for specific regions, towns, cities, states, and even neighborhoods. That entails optimizing the website and its content according to the locality, adding local backlinks, citations, and relevant listings. 

Also, utilizing Google my Business, creating local social media accounts and groups, and working on gaining positive reviews on Google, Yelp, Home Advisor, and any other review site depending on the niche, could spur more conversions. 

3# Contributing towards a Streamlined User Experience 

The algorithm has radically evolved over the years, particularly after its Hummingbird update, despite fundamental strategies, from Meta descriptions to keyword generation remaining the same. To keep up the marketers scramble to revamp their strategies.

These changes don’t matter that much since as long as you focus on offering a streamlined user experience, your strategies will be adequately adapted accordingly. And SEO is all about delivering the optimal user experience. 

Consequently, the boosted web traffic and rankings will follow. 

Learn from the master itself: Google has become a household name because it offers value to users. Any information they seek, they get it straight onto the search engine result page (SERP) with just a few taps of their fingers.

4# SEO Makes or Breaks the Customer’s Purchase Cycle

Consumers everywhere, when they get an inkling of shopping needs, they do research. From a household commodity to luxurious items, they compare product/service’s pricing and features with that of competitors and look up available alternatives. 

If you are selling Spectrum internet services, your SEO efforts should help customers find you quickly when they utilize search terms like best internet services, cheap internet packages, internet providers near me, etc. 

If you manage to convey your brand message, services, offers, availability, a good site experience, and anything else they are looking for, then you would definitely influence their purchase cycle positively.

5# Keeping Up with the Times

The web keeps altering and changing at a dizzying pace. Every other day, there is a new development, a new innovation. So staying abreast of these changes can get quite challenging. 

However, once you engross yourself in the world of SEO, you are always ahead of the relevant changes taking place across the web.

Staying informed about competitive businesses on local and international levels, the intelligent algorithm, the latest tools, industry experts, and everything else is a prerequisite to quality SEO strategies.

6# Way More Cost-Effective than Any Other Marketing Strategy

Even your most high-end SEO solution wouldn’t be as costly as other marketing tactics. SEO is inbound in nature, which works towards efficient cost-reducing endeavors.

Whereas outbound leads cost 61% more than those leads, which are delivered by inbound tactics such as SEO. Moreover, in SEO, you are mostly targeting those individuals actively looking for your products and services or at least similar to yours.

So, the traffic and leads acquired from the source is more appropriate than the one from other marketing techniques.

7# SEO Lasts Longer 

If you want something to work for your company in the longer term, then there could be no better option than SEO. It’s quite unique than other marketing maneuvers, as SEO wouldn’t immediately deliver results and require a lot of patience in the first year. 

Plus, with the use of the right tools, you could easily track and analyze SEO metrics and its ROI, and learn to improve your performance in the short and long term, both.  

After a lot of link juice, quality content, keyword and site optimization, you begin to see more enduring results.

As you keep investing your time, budget, and efforts on SEO over the years, your rankings, traffic, conversions, and website becomes that much harder to beat. And your brand name continues to solidify with every milestone despite the unfolding market developments. 

All Things Concluded

SEO may modify but it would never go out of style as long as there are an e-commerce business and blog on the web. 

As companies aim to familiarize themselves with SEO, they are in a better position to leverage their SEO web infrastructure in order to forever remain in the good graces of the search engine and simultaneously uncover new opportunities for their brand to excel.  

Author Bio: Baldwin Jackson is a vivacious writer and digital marketing consultant, involved in taking businesses a notch higher. Since I am a part of the digital marketing industry for over 6 years, I know exactly how to use creativity and analytical abilities to assist a variety of online businesses. Also, I can proudly say that I have helped different brands improve their online visibility and create great lucrative opportunities for them. Well, in my spare time when I’m not working, which is not often, you will find me engrossed in playing online games– thanks to my stable and steady Internet for giving me a lag-free gaming experience!