Spotting Fake Online Coaches


Thanks to the Internet, you can now get coaching services without physically meeting the coach. By searching on the web, you can access so many coaching professionals.

Unfortunately, the Internet offers an opportunity for scammers to get rich quickly. There is a shallow barrier preventing anyone from baptizing themselves as coaches.

Legitimate online coaches can help give you the energy and focus on taking your career to the next level.

Ways You Can Analyze and Determine If Your Online Coaches is Legit or Not

spotting fake online coaches

1# Experience

The trick to getting clarity on the experience of the coach is only by asking. Know if the things they are promising have worked on them and if it will also work on you.

Think about the future you want and visualize it. Also, ask the coach if they have ever started a business. Moreover, get to know if they have created wealth at the level you inspire to get.

Be keen at each response. In case all the answers seem too shallow, it is best to get going.

2# Social Media

Another huge sign that can help you decipher if the coach is a scammer or not is social media. If you see their Instagram posts are quotes with a colored background, move on. Especially if the quotes are their own, it is a big scam sign.

A legit business coach should have something tangible on their wall, not just memes and quotes. You should find videos on some of their lessons and hosting of seminars. There should be a place where they mention what they do for their clients.

Besides, social media can help you know when they started their operation. Looking at their posts will help you see if they are new and if already have a following or students who became successful by hiring him as a coach. You will also be able to see customer feedback and recommendation.

3# Language of the Coach

A scammer will always exaggerate their outcome. They will make it seem like coaching career has always been excellent.

They will make claims of their popularity as well as their wealth. This is one of their techniques to getting more customers. Don’t get fooled by it. Rather, see actual results.

4# Analyze Free Contents

As a way to attract customers, online coaches will display free content. You should critically read or watch the content and evaluate the value of the business coach. The quality of the content directly reflects the value of the service you will receive.

5# Follow Your Intuition

Being a great entrepreneur does not guarantee that they will be great at coaching. You need an experienced coach.

They will give you the necessary guidance into entrepreneurial success. Do you have a feeling that something is wrong with your potential coach? Then, it is probably best if you search for another.

Bottom Line

The qualities above will help you assess the authenticity of your potential coach. But there are exceptions to every theory.

Thus, if you feel you can trust a coach both at the intuition and practical level, then you should choose them. What matters is finding an honest, experienced, and authentic person.

Author: Cathy Carter