What Is The Best Way To Get Customer Feedback


Having in mind the current market circumstances, customer experience will remain one of the top business priorities in 2019.

Practically speaking, not only will you be expected to provide an awesome product or service, but you’ll have to take care of the entire customer journey.

3 Ways to Get Customer Feedback

What Is The Best Way To Get Customer Feedback

On the one hand, 86% of customers are willing to pay more for excellent customer experience. On the other hand, 79% of buyers will share a poor experience with a company. But, the question is – do you give your customers a chance of sharing their experience with you?

Do you know if your clients are happy with your customer service or not?

Finally, do you make it easy for them to leave feedback that can help you improve their impressions about your products and service?

Well, as practice has shown, live chat support has become the most effective way to communicate with prospects. According to Invespcro, 73% of customers consider live chat as the most satisfying way of communicating with a company. So, there’s no reason not to use live chat software as a means of collecting feedback from your customers.

In this article, we’re showing you all aspects of live chat support that make it a perfect way of collecting essential information about your customers’ thoughts. Read on and find out what makes live chat software the best way to get in touch with customers and get to know their opinions.

1. Live chat support software lets you reach out directly to your customers

Live chat support software lets you reach out directly to your customers

If well implemented, not only does live chat help provide a good customer service experience but it can also be a means of collecting feedback from your customers. So, if you want to get honest real-time feedback, you can:

  • Track their activities and use live chat to start a conversation as they navigate through your website.
  • Ask them for feedback after solving an issue they had, since then they’ll be most likely to openly talk about their impressions.

To be able to track your customers’ activities and reach out to them in the optimal moment, you should have a chat solution that lets you do that. So, if you still haven’t implemented live chat, you should find a flexible solution that:

  • Offers both desktop and mobile version, to let you communicate with your customers anytime, anywhere;
  • Lets you easily insert chat option on crucial pages of your website;
  • Tracks your visitors’ activity on key pages and offers the option of proactive chat;
  • Lets you easily capture visitors’ info and save the relevant chat sessions;
  • Ends your live chat sessions with post-chat feedback surveys based on customizable questions.

Apart from all the essential features listed below, it’s equally important to have a possibility to integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with live chat. This integration lets you record customers and sessions details automatically and effortlessly use these details during other chats to provide an outstanding customer experience.

Finally, if you’re not sure what live chat solution can provide you with all these features, make sure to check out ProProfs Chat. This sleek, intuitive and flexible software can help you create an excellent ambiance not only for customer support in general but also for the instant feedback collection that can be a great help for your business.

2. Not enough? Live chat feedback collection can be improved with easily fillable feedback boxes!

Not enough? Live chat feedback collection can be improved with easily fillable feedback boxes!

It’s practically impossible for all the customers to be completely satisfied with your web presence. If you had an insight into their thoughts, you could be more efficient when finding the ways of solving the problematic aspects.

However, we’re aware that not everybody will want to reach out to your live chat agents just to make a single complaint.

Moreover, sometimes, even if you reach out to them and ask for their impressions, they may not remember the problematic aspects if they’re not that dramatic. And that’s why you should consider introducing feedback boxes. They can be an ideal solution for minor troubles that customers may experience, such as broken links, or other types of technical issues.

To make sure that the box is easily visible and effortlessly used, make sure to place it on every page of your website and carefully choose the version of the form. While you can always pick a simple one, you may want to get a more advanced version that lets you save the account name as well as collect the URL and browser version in which the issue appeared. This way, you’ll increase the chances of detecting the problem and fix it the right way.

3. Bonus tip: Increase the chances of getting feedback by combining live chat support and feedback boxes with short in-page surveys

To master the art of collecting customers’ feedback, you can also craft a short survey to get some quick and useful information about your customers’ impressions. While many businesses opt for lengthy and comprehensive surveys, the fact is that website visitors normally don’t want to spend too much time filling them. Especially if they’re based on open questions.

So, asking a simple question or conducting a brief poll on your website, you’ll get instant responses from your target audience – the active visitors. All you have to do is find a reliable and customizable poll-maker software and follow some simple rules that will increase the chances of responses:

  • Ask only highly relevant questions that will bring you actual information – avoid the generic ones.
  • Don’t bomb the visitors with lots of questions at a time. Make them appear one by one.
  • Make sure not to ask leading and loaded questions.

Summing Up: The Best Way Of Getting Feedback Is Direct Live Chat Interaction

Customer feedback is a valuable asset for every business. Not only can it help you face some current issues but it can also inspire you to develop new products and services. You can also use positive feedback as a promotional means, by showcasing it on your website. According to Forbes, this use of feedback can increase your business volume and motivate potential clients to test your services.

The comprehensive approach to feedback collection provided by the combination of live chat, customer feedback boxes and in-page polls and surveys will definitely let you get relevant information faster than other tools. Remember that the website visitors are usually more likely to engage with simple polls than to fill in the lengthy surveys, and they rather opt for live chat interaction than use emails or call centers to ask for help or share their customer feedback.

Author Bio: Jason is a Sr. Technical Writer currently associated with ProProfs Chat. He enjoys writing about emerging customer support products, trends in customer support industry and the financial impacts of using such tools. In his spare time, Jason likes traveling extensively to learn about new cultures and traditions.