101 Tasks You Can Outsource To Virtual Assistant To Grow Your Business


Do you want to reduce your business expenses? Obviously, yes! 101 Tasks you can outsource to virtual assistant to grow your business.

Freelancing or in better words outsourcing is getting popular in these days. Previously, I shared best freelancing websites to find online jobs in which I mentioned that freelancing will become a dominant business in 2020.

In upcoming days, entrepreneurs will prefer to outsource their work to virtual assistants rather than hiring full time employees. Why they will outsource to virtual staff? Well, there are many reasons that will encourage biz owners to outsource their projects to virtual assistants such as reducing office expenditures, increasing diversity, and hiring best talent online at competitive rates.

In 2014, Harvard Business Review reported that 34% of the American population is associated with freelancing while Forbes predicted that this ratio will be increased up to 50% in 2020.

The main reason of this increasing trend is that young graduates spend thousands of dollars for college/ university education to get a piece of paper but when they successfully complete their studies. They send resume to dozens of companies to get a good job. But unfortunately, majority of them get failed to secure a job. They continue to wait for good offers but when they didn’t get any offer, they give up. In order to earn money, they turn to freelancing (either for part time or full time). They offer freelancing services at competitive rates and make money online.

So, if you want to grow your business then hire a virtual assistant. Hiring a virtual assistant will not only minimize your labor cost, they will also help you to achieve your business target that you’re aiming as an entrepreneur. They are true time savers or in better words you can say that they are life savers for entrepreneurs. One important thing, you should hire a virtual assistant for the role, not for the specific task. Find your Virtual Assistants here.

For your convenience, I have complied the following list of tasks you can outsource to virtual assistant to reduce your startup costs and grow business.

101 Tasks You Can Outsource to Virtual Assistant

Administrative Tasks for Virtual Staff

In busy routine, administrative tasks seems to be time consuming. To save your precious time, 10 following tasks you can outsource to virtual staff.

1). Online market research

2). Local market research

3). Data mining & Data entry

4). Converting Word documents to PDF and vice verse

5). E-Book formatting

6). Scheduling Tasks

7). Telephone Inbound/Outbound Calls

8). Bookkeeping (MYOB, QuickBooks & XERO)

9). Project Management for Different Tasks

10). Training for New Virtual Assistant

Blogging Tasks For Virtual Assistants

11). Blog Publishing

12). Moderating Comments

13). Adding/Editing Tags in Articles

14). Adding/Deleting Images

15). Optimizing Images and Adding Alt Tags

Content Writing Tasks For Freelancers

16). Content Writing / Ghost Writing

17). Guest Blogging / Ghost Blogging

18). Press Release Writing

19). SEO Writing

20). Newsletter Writing

21). Creating Attracting Emails

22). Article Spinning

23). Directory Submission

Emailing & scheduling Tasks For Virtual Staff

24). Sending/ receiving emails

25). Filtering emails

26). Database building / CRM or Updating contacts

27). Calendar management

28). Travel planning

29). Appointment scheduling

30). Reminder services

File Storage and Organization Tasks

31). Uploading to Drop box / Google drive

32). Creating or managing spreadsheets

33). Keynote/ power point presentations

34). Word to PDF conversions and vice versa

Outsourcing Social Media Management

35). Handling Social Media Accounts and Tasks

36). Actively Responding to Customers’ queries

37). Updating Accounts with Latest Products/Services Information

38). Creating Fan pages and Groups

39). Promoting FB Posts

40). Managing FB insights

41). Increase FB Page Likes

42). Effectively Running Facebook Advertisement Campaigns

43). Managing and Increasing Twitter Followers

44). Tracking Hash Tags, Mentions and Scheduling Tweets

45). Advertising Business Using Twitter Cards

46). Posting and Promoting Posts on LinkedIn

47). Creating Info-graphics and Posting to Pinterest

48). Pinning, Tracking and Scheduling Pins on Pinterest

49). Creating and Uploading Videos YouTube

50). Actively Participating in YouTube comments discussions

51). Sharing Videos on all social media for maximum outreach

52). Creating and Uploading presentations on Slide Share

53). Sharing of Posts on Social Bookmarking Sites

Hire Virtual Staff For Search Engine Optimization Tasks

54). Website Analysis

55). Competitor Analysis

56). SEO Keywords Research for Blog Posts

57). Checking Keyword Density & Relevance (LSI)

58). Creating Awesome and Attractive SEO Headings

59). Writing Eye Catchy Meta Descriptions

60). Optimizing Blog Posts’ URLs and Title Tags

61). Landing Page Creation

62). Sitemap Creation / Submission

63). On-Page Optimization for Websites Pages and Blog Posts (Read – 10 On-Page SEO Tips)

64). Off-Page Optimization for Websites Pages and Blog Posts

65). Optimizing Website to Reduce Loading Speed

66). Optimizing Images

67). Webmaster Submission (Google, Bing, Yandex)

68). Listing Your Website in Online Local Business Directories

Outsource Office Staff For Link Building / Web Marketing Tasks

69). Social Bookmarking (Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon)

70). Tracking Sheet for Social Bookmarking Websites

71). Joining Forums / Discussions / Moderation

72). Participating in Blog Commenting

73). Replacing New Links with Broken Links

74). Link Building / Creating High Quality Back links

75). Creating Monthly Keyword Ranking Reports

76). Analyzing Google Analytics Reports Weekly/ Monthly

Outsource Audio and Video Editing Tasks To Online Freelancers

77). Basic Editing of Audio Clips

78). Removing Distracting Noises in Media Files

79). Video Editing

80). Photoshop Editing

81). Insertion of Podcast on Blog Spot

82). Creating a Podcast Setup on iTunes

83). Pod-casting WP Plugins (Power Press) Installation

Outsource Graphic and Web Designing

84). Designing Logos, Covers, Cards and Banners

85). Designing Stunning Pictures for Social Media Marketing

86). Designing Info-graphics

87). Designing Sales / Landing Pages

88). Designing Websites

Hire Virtual Assistant For Web Developing Tasks

89). Developing WordPress Websites

90). Uploading and Customization of WP Themes

91). Installing New WP Themes and Plugins

92). Ensuring Security Measures for WP Site / Site Maintenance

93). Social Media and CRM integration

94). Verifying Google, Bing and Alexa Webmaster’s ownership

95). Integration of E-Commerce Setup

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96). Integration of Payment Gateways

97). Removing WP Errors e.g. 500

98). Integration of Email Ticketing System

Hire Virtual Staff For Highly Technically and Professional Work

Sometimes, hiring accountants, auditors and financial analysts may increase your administrative expenses. To fasten your business processes, you will also have to purchase new accounting software and modules. To reduce expenses, following tasks you can also outsource to virtual assistant such as

99). Accounting for Business using ERP / SAP etc.

100). Analyzing Companies’ Financial Reports

101). Outsource All Business Consultation Projects

Final Words

Apart from the aforementioned tasks, there are hundreds of other tasks you can outsource to virtual staff. As I mentioned above, virtual assistants are true time savers as well as life savers for entrepreneurs. So, whenever you decide to hire a virtual staff, hire them for the role not for the single task. They will deliver you high quality work at competitive rates.  Good Luck 🙂

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