25+ Trending Fonts of 2024


Have you ever wondered what establishes the tone of a written content apart from emoticons? Are you a designer looking for a missing element that can enhance your logos?

Have you ever struggled with providing a “voice” to your content? Are you searching for a way to attract readers who stay and read the content you provide? Well, you are at the right place; the one thing that answers these questions is: font.

Fonts set the right mood for your content and can make readers stay with you throughout. They can also make your logos more appealing to the audience. Now, you must be thinking about which font is best to achieve your goals. Don’t worry, we are here with top 25 trending fonts of 2024!

Top 20 Trending Fonts of 2024

Top Trending Fonts

1. Plastic Sans

This wavy font from the Sans-serif family supports Central, Eastern, Western European languages and is one of the coolest font trends of 2024.

This distorted font inspired by a digital glitch can be used to enhance your titles, posters, websites, and more!

2. Beautiful Vibes

Just like the name suggests, this beautiful font is for the minimalists who wish to create something classy, elegant, and cool, all at once!

This cursive vintage font is compatible with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, and Microsoft Word. However, you need to purchase it for commercial use.

3. Patrick Hand

Do you need a font that looks like cute handwriting? Patrick Hand is based on the handwriting of a real person, i.e., the designer himself!

It has Latin characters along with extended Latin ones. This free font supports European and Vietnamese languages.

4. Walter

This retro-futuristic minimalistic font from the sans-serif family is popular among younger audiences. If your audience is tech-inspired, fashionable, and cool youth, this might enhance the appeal of your work!

5. Equinox

Another similar font that attracts youngsters is Equinox. 35 Dollars is what you have to invest in purchasing this display sans font family.

6. Butler

Are you looking for a font that’s perfect for some fancy yet sober stuff? This is one of the best free trending fonts of 2024 that might do the job.

7. Disket Mono

Want to add a layer of digital touch to your work? This free geometry-inspired monospaced font is all you need. Convey your message universally with support for 20 languages, including Afrikaans, English, French, Russian Slovenian, Spanish.

8. Athena

Athena font is one of the best options for the food, beverage, and lifestyle sectors. This soft and elegant font family supports all languages based on Latin and can be purchased for commercial use.

9.  Woodland

This one is a versatile font that doesn’t lose legibility while being curvy. Commercial licenses can be purchased, starting from $30.

10. Salmela

Searching for a font that adds a rustic touch to your wedding invitation, greeting card, logo, or poster? This font is here to help!

11. Ocean Six

Want a font with a unique handmade look? This vintage-inspired bold font is made with scanned/vectorized acrylic brush strokes.

12. Old Growth

Rough and uneven edges are the main characteristics of this rough sans-serif font. It is a perfect and currently trending font for branding, quotes, headlines as well as projects.

13. Cartoonish Regular

Are you popular as someone who makes the audience laugh with cartoonish text? Cartoonish Regular font is here to add another fun element to your awesome work with a handmade look! And you can find a cool Disney font generator on the net with several other cartoonish fonts.

14. Westmeath

This sans serif font is classy and vintage. The designers describe it as an “art decoish font”. Must use if you want to write headlines that connect with youngsters and older age groups.

15. Neon Lights

Want the right amount of retro and modern elements to intensify your work? Use this font with different neon colors to achieve that perfect visual appeal.

16. Jeepney

Looking for something that adds a new flavor to your work? Surprise your audience with this Chinese-Japanese font which provides a unique foreign look to your texts. You might purchase this for commercial use.

17. Quiapo

This one is inspired by the Jeepney font, but unlike Jeepney, it’s free of cost! The font carries an ethnic feel straight from the Asian country, the Philippines.

18. Mozaik Duren

Does your work use large-sized textual materials? This decorative font is perfect for you as it provides a great creative element to simple-looking texts with crisscrossed filling lines.

19. Alva

Want a font that grabs attention instantly? This is a perfect fit. Use this minimalistic geometric font to make your headlines look super cool.

20. Kinetic Fonts!

These fonts are perfect for expressing a narrative in video format; you can create one for yourself using a final cut pro. These are evolving with each passing day. There is no reason why they shouldn’t be considered among the top 20 trending fonts of 2024.

Here are some more best fonts you can use in 2024:

21. Modern Gothic

22. 70s Flared Fonts

23. Gently Experimental Fonts

24. Art Deco Condensed Fonts

25. Mixed Weight Typography

26. Casual Brush Fonts

27. Fluid Fonts


There’s a wide variety of fonts available for different genres and purposes. You must consider various fonts before finalizing one that suits your work.

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Author: Ezio Montoya