10 Tips to Get Visitors to Stick Around Your Booth at A Trade Show


Do you know that 70% of visitors to a trade show are potential new customers? This statement is true for most trade shows but how do you win these new customers and push your products and services at a trade show?

When you consider that other brands are trying to sell the same type of products and services in some trade shows, you find out that it is not such an easy task.

It is however not impossible. You can make a success of your next exhibition at a trade show. Here are 10 tips you can implement to make your exhibition at a trade show a success. These methods will help you choose a booth and pull visitors to your exhibition in a trade show.

10 Tips to Get Visitors to Stick Around Your Booth at Trade Show

10 Tips to Get Visitors to Stick Around Your Booth at A Trade Show

1# Partner with A Pro

If you do not have any design skills or know how to select a booth, you can target with professional who will help you with the details of your exhibition.

These professionals can help you with a task like how to choose your booth in Vegas to designs that are guaranteed to draw the eyes of trade show participants. Go the extra mile, stand out and be different by using a professional for your next trade show.

2# Use A Pop Up Tent

A trade show can be a sweaty tiring affair, especially when held in the open. The use of a pop-up tent will allow visitors to rest awhile at your exhibition.

You use the opportunity to tell them about your product and services. The addition of some chairs in a relaxing setting will ensure a longer stay of the visitors which is to your advantage.

3# Be Educative

A lot of visitors to a trade show came to learn something about new products and services and the companies that make them. You can take advantage of this fact to draw visitors to your booth.

A short lecture by one of your experienced staff members or a short video on replay can go a long way in attracting visitors and helping people learn more about your brand.

4# Brand Your Booth

Do you know that your booth can do more than half of the talking for you? When choosing a booth at an exhibition, you can customize the space or the booth to reflect your brand and products.

You draw visitors by the uniqueness of the booth and you also advertise your brand easily to even visitors who might not step in.

Branding your booth helps you look good at any trade show. However, it does not have to be an expensive venture, creativity matters.

5# Make Visitors Do Something

You can ask visitors to your booth to do something to connect to your brand or even to win some prices. For instance, you can ask them to take pictures in your booth, post them with a certain hashtag on social media to win some of your products or services.

This strategy will not just help you convert visitors to customers but you also get to boost the social media awareness of your brand as a lot of visitors will be willing to participate.

6# Go Big

If you can afford it, bigger is better in a trade show. Visitors are pulled to a large space at a trade show. However, do not just rent the large space and leave it unoccupied.

Let visitors be captivated by every detail. Give them something to marvel at, at every turn in your booth space. With proper space management and a large space, you can own the trade show by getting all the visitors.

7# Add The Virtual Reality Element

Did you know that customers are 53% more likely to buy from you if you make good use of virtual reality? It is an interesting element to add to your booth as it allows people to practically see what they get when they buy your products without having to handle them directly. It is also not so expensive so you don’t have to worry about the cost.

8# Give Out Freebies

Everyone loves free stuff, as much of it as they can get. You can attract more visitors and get new customers by giving out freebies at your stand. It does not have to be expensive.

Something related to your brand and industry that will keep visitors reminded of your brand and give customers a sense of appreciation for their patronage goes a long way in making your exhibition successful.

9# Play Some Music

Music is one of the greatest forces on earth. Appealing to the hearing sense, you can draw visitors to your booth at a trade show by playing some music.

Attendees at the trade show will be drawn to find out what is happening, bringing them to your booth where you can awe them with your products and services.

You can either use a live band or get a DJ to play some appropriate music depending on the stipulation of the trade show organizers and what matches your brand’s image.

10# Get an Engaging Emcee

No machines or robots can ever replace the human touch. An emcee can do wonder from your booth at a trade show. People like to talk and you are simply giving them someone to talk to.

You can get the emcee to ask them questions about their experience at your booth or even what they hope to gain or get from your brand.

The emcee can be a hired trained person or one of your staff who is good with people. A good emcee will keep the energy positive around your booth and entertain your visitors.


One thing that is key to all these tips is uniqueness. You cannot do the same thing others are doing at the trade show and expect exceptional results. If you need to hire a professional for some aspects of your exhibition, do so.

The results will justify the cost. Whatever you do, stay true to the uniqueness of your brand and make use of the tips we have highlighted. You will experience a positive difference at your next trade show.

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Author: María Castellarosa