5 Ways Of Accurate Valuation Every Valuer Should Know


Five ways you can use to lead a commercial property assessment. These are comparison, residual, profit, investment, and contractors.

A valuer may use all these techniques. While estimating the rental or market value of any property. The comparison method is the most specific and ideal way to use.

As it is somewhat related to the current market transactions. Here in this article, it’s all about top ways to help you in doing the valuation of commercial properties.

5 Types of Properties Valuation Method For Commercial & Residential Properties

Ways Of Accurate Valuation Every Valuer Should Know

Following are the five main ways that can you can use for valuation-

1# Comparison Method

Many people are there who use the comparison method. They can value the most well-known types of property, the market should be stable, and there are deals with separate, ongoing sales of properties.

You have to select equal and separate them. From that point, you can make modifications to their dissimilarities. Then an expected market value was created.

Advantages of the comparison method 

  • Simple procedure
  • Based on the actual date of the transaction
  • Provides a target and confirms the market value

2# Residual Method 

The residual method can be used for valuing the property. With the possibility of development or vacant land that transforms the current user into a more profitable thing. When one must reduce the expense of progression to know the value of the land.

The sum of residual is the capital spent by the developer on the property in the short form. This strategy is incorrect, the number of information sources and costs it is trying to fix. The inclination to change after some time.

Advantages of using the residual method 

  • It allows for expenses and income that are clear to reflect a specific function
  • It reflects a significant number of the dimness of the market outlook.

3# Profits Method

You can apply the method of profits when a similar sale or rental transaction is not accessible. And for the bar, hostel, nursing homes. Usually, a commercial property with a protective organization component. The method assesses the gross profit of a business.

Cuts all work costs and coverup any rental payments from that point. This gives a separate identity or measure of wealth. To be collected between the businessman and the manager.

The profit method for property valuation applies to the valuation of commercial property. Circumstances where the profit method for assessment would fit, is the guest house, hotels, bars, and cinemas.

Advantages of Profit method

  • The gross profit strategy does not need tough calculations.
  • Increasing this rate by cost the products sold for the current time frame.

4# Investment Method 

You can use an investment method to decide a market estimate. The leasehold or freehold property from its ability to make future revenue.

It is used for those basic properties where a resident present to the landowner with returns on investment. Using this strategy, you will be able to find revenue and many other things.

Advantage of investment method

  • It is the point that applies to future rental revenue or income. Limited to the day giving back the net present value (NPV).
  • To finish how much the worth of building.

5# Contractor Method

The contractor’s strategy is a costly method for the process of valuation. Used when profit, comparative or investment methods are not working or not used. The situation occurs in case property has the nature of a specialist. Which means no market exchanges?

The method reviews all the expenses of providing proportional properties. Changes it from that point to reflect the property age. This method is also known as the method of last resort.

Because of its deception, the monetary powers know the market value of supply and demand. Not by the price of production.

Advantages of Contractor method

  • If you want to know the age of the property, then it can be used
  • In case the property has the nature of a specialist, then this is the method that can help you get the exact result.

The most preferred method you can use for valuation 

If you are looking for a commercial property valuation method, then use the profit method or visit Brisbane Property valuers. This is the one that can help you get the desired result without doing lots of calculations.

While if you want a valuation of residential properties, then try using the comparison method. Three more methods are there, but it depends on the reason behind using it.


Author: Priyank Soni