The Ultimate List of Make Money Writing Websites


Freelance writing is considered to be an outstanding way for earning money through the internet since there is a great need for excellent posts on different web sites. However, it is not that much easy. There also arise some of the problems. One of those problems is to find a job to write the blogs and articles for the web sites that are supposed to be high-paying. Especially, when you are new to freelance blogging and stuff like that, you definitely find difficulty to search the right make money writing websites that can be a great platform for you. Whenever any of the platforms for freelance writing is visited, most of the times it is quite crowded and is full of bloggers who want to show up their talents and wish to earn a lot of money. So there is a great need for you develop a very attractive profile that can impress the clients to hire you.

80 Make Money Writing Websites: Get Paid for Articles

There are a lot of websites that pay handsome amounts of money for the guest posts. Some of them are as follows along with brief details.

  1. TopTenz is one of those websites that pays $50 to its writers for writing on different topics like traveling, life styles, entertainment, technology, etc.
  2. ListVerse is another website that pays up to $100 for writing on different topics like society, social and technical sciences, entertainment and a lot more.
  3. The Dollar Stretcher is another website. It pays $0.1 or $50 per word and per 500 words post respectively. The topics can be related to money, family, lifestyles, etc.
  4. Reverb press is considered to be a webzine that pays different amounts to the writers for writing on different topics like politics, media news, entertainment, etc.
  5. The everyday windshield pays $10 initially for the first post then $25 for the next four posts and after that $50 for all the next posts. The topics can be related to religion, food, etc.
  6. The daily Heckle pays the amount from $7.5 to $30. Mostly the topics are related to television, films, music, sports, etc.
  7. CollegeHumor pays $25 along with bonuses on each post. There are different and unique topics on which you have to write.
  8. WritersWeekly pays $60 for each of the 600 words guest blogging post
  9. WOW stands for Women On Writing. It pays $50 to $150 and is a worldwide magazine for supporting the creativity of women.
  10. Funds for writers pays up to $50 for each post on the website. There are no defined topics.

The names of other web sites along with the amounts that they pay have been mentioned below:

  1. A list apart: $200
  2. InstantShift: The payments depends on the quality of the content
  3. Smashing magazine: The payment depends on the quality of the content
  4. SpyreStudios: Payment is not defined
  5. Photoshop Tutorials: $25 to $300
  6. Sitepoint: Payment is not defined
  7. UX booth: Payment is not defined
  8. Appstorm: $60 for each post
  9. Techopedia: Payment is not defined
  10. Crazyleaf design: Payment is not defined
  11. Make tech easier: Payment is not defined
  12. World start: $25 to $50 for each post
  13. International living: $75 for each post
  14. Wise bread: Payment is not defined
  15. GloHoliday: $40 for each post (plus $3 if images are also added)
  16. Matador: $20 to $25 for each post
  17. Viator travel blog: Depends on the number of words
  18. BootsnAll: $30 to $50 for each post
  19. The expeditioner: $30 for each of the post
  20. Metro parent: Maximum $350 for each post
  21. Scary mommy: Maximum $100 for each post
  22. Wand’rly Magazine: payment is $0.05 for each word
  23. Working mother: Payment is not defined
  24. Alaska Parent: $40 to $200
  25. Vela magazine: Payment is undefined
  26. Grasslimb: Different amounts for different types of posts
  27. The sun magazine: Different amounts for different types of posts
  28. Income diary: $50 to $200 for each post

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All of these websites are known for the make money writing platforms and they pay different amounts of money for the guest posts. There are lots of other websites that pay the writer for posting blogs; they mostly pay through PayPal or other sources.

  1. eCommerce insiders: $75 to $125 for each post
  2. Be a freelance blogger: $50 for each post
  3. Smithsonian: $0.5 to $0.6 for each word of the post
  4. BoostnAll: Maximum $50 for each post
  5. Travel and leisure: Maximum $1,000 for each post
  6. Budget travel: $0.5 to $1 for each word of the post
  7. Transition Abroad: $50 to $150 for each post
  8. World Hum: Payment is not defined
  9. Back to college: $75 to $135 for each post
  10. The travel writers life: $50 to $200 for each post
  11. Brazen Careerist: $50 for each post
  12. Krazy Coupon Lady: $ 50 for each post
  13. biz: is a good make money writing website for guest bloggers. It pays $100 for each post
  14. Belt Magazine: $50 to $500 for each post
  15. Treehouse: $100 to $200 for each post
  16. A fine parent: $100 to $300 for each post
  17. Vector diary: $150 for each post
  18. Web Loggerz: $30 to $100 for each post
  19. Cracked: $50 to $200 or may be more for each post
  20. American College of Healthcare Sciences blog: $50 for each post
  21. Digital ocean: $50 to $200 for each post
  22. Consumer Search: is also the one of the best make money writing website that pays maximum $350 per article
  23. A list apart: $100 for each post
  24. Ontext: $40 for each post
  25. Global comment: $50 for each post
  26. Go Media Zine: Amount is not defined
  27. Good: $150 for each of the guest blogging post
  28. Greater Good: Maximum $350 for each post
  29. iWork well: Maximum $200 for each post
  30. SitePoint: is a best website for guest writers to make money online. It pays $150 to $300 for each post
  31. Mental Floss: The amount of payment is undefined
  32. The progressive: Maximum $1300 for each post
  33. $150 for each post
  34. MIT Technology Review: $1 or each word in the post
  35. Funny times: $60 for each post
  36. $100 to $400 for each post
  37. Hongkiat: $50 for each post
  38. Graphic Mania: Payment amount is not defined
  39. Graphic Mania: Maximum $50 for each post
  40. net: $60 to $100 for each post
  41. DesertUSA: $50 for each post
  42. Truelancer: The payment amount is not defined

There are lots of other make money writing websites and blogs as well that offer attractive amounts to the outstanding writers for posting their blogs and articles.