Are you looking for authoritative websites that accept guest posts? If yes, here is the list of 100+ guest blogging sites for bloggers.

From last few years, content marketing has become very important for online businesses. It has changed the traditional marketing practices and emerged as a new digital marketing technique on the internet. Previous studies have confirmed that 70% of the internet users prefer to get information from articles rather than watching the traditional advertisements. Content marketing is also considered the cheapest way to advertise the business online and that’s why small businesses are using this technique to save their extra expenses.

If you are going to launch your small business website but frustrated about its growth and repute, then you should build your small audience before you launch it. But the question is how to build your small biz audience online?

Well, the answer is very simple. You can use content marketing in order to reach potential readers and successfully build your loyal audience online. In content marketing, guest blogging is one of the best ways to reach the target market. Additionally, guest blogging  can also benefit your business in several other ways such as it can

  • Increase your business sales and revenues.
  • Build your online loyal community and customers.
  • Make your business as authority brand.
  • Writing guest posts can also improve your website’s search engine optimization.

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List of Websites that Accept Guest Posts – 2017

accept guest posts

To start guest posting, all you need is to find the websites that accept guest posts. Before you do that, you should check the Alexa ranking, Domain Authority and Page Authority of the website. If you select and write guest posts for those websites that have good DA, PA and Google PR, then you will get the quality back-links for your websites and ultimately a good source of web traffic. Guest blogging will also improve your website’s SEO and make your brand an authority. Improving SEO means strong presence on the internet. Strong presence on the internet can drive good amount of traffic towards your blog. More traffic means more chances of sales.

Sometimes, getting back-links from blogs having low PA and DA can harm your SEO strategy. So, be careful when you’re going to write for websites that accept guest posts.

For your convenience, I’ve compiled a list of guest blogging sites with respect to different niches. You just need to explore the following list and select the websites that matche with your business nature and start guest blogging on it.

List of Small Business / Entrepreneurship / Leadership / Startups Blogs

Websites’ URL                              

My Venture Pad 


Marketing / Blogging tips / Make Money Online Blogs that Accept Guest Posts   

Bloggers Path                 

Technology / social media / startups  



Finance / Investment / Save Money Blogs

Get Lenny

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Psychology / Life Improvement Guest Blogging Sites 

Travel and Lifestyle Guest Blogging Sites 

Dozmia Blog

More guest posting blogs will be added soon.

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