41 Best Productivity Hacks To Get More Done in 2021


No work is worth doing if you are not being productive at it. Being stuck in a constant position is useless. Keep yourself growing and inclining. Following are a few unique productivity tips, that will help you to increase productivity in the coming year. Follow these productivity hacks, so that you do more.

41 Best Productivity Hacks in 2021

Best Productivity Hacks To Get More Done

1. Distance yourself from social media

Social media is a time-waster. Try to use it as little as possible.

2. Start from the hardest

You have maximum energy at the start of the day. Use this energy to complete the hardest of tasks.

3. Make productivity plans

Plan a productive day. Prioritize your tasks. Make a schedule so you don’t indulge in non-productive chores.

4. Create a work corner in your room

Having a comfortable corner for work will not only ease your mind but will also help you to remain focused. Working on your bed in your blanket will make you lazy.

5. Wake up early in the morning

Become a day person. Working at night will only exhaust you.

6. Control your eating habits

Eat healthy to remain healthy because you are what you eat. Running after doctors will waste your time and the bad health will divert your focus.

7. Start saying “no” to people

Having friends is a good thing. But always trying to please them is not. Get used to missing unnecessary parties and get-togethers.

8. Meditation and exercise

Exercise keeps your body fit and meditation keeps your mind fit. Meditation is actually the exercise for the mind. A fit body and a fit mind are very important to lead a productive life.

9. Take short breaks

Continuous working will only exhaust you out. Take short breaks in between to regain your energy. This is another good office productivity hacks.

10. Take short meals

Heavy meals have a lethargic effect on the human body and mind. Take small meals to both get rid of hunger and maintain energy.

11. Time is money

Your overall productiveness depends on your productive usage of time. Try to save time wherever possible.

12. Manage your tasks

Efficiently manage your tasks. For example, complete the 5-minute tasks, the moment you get them. Complete difficult tasks at the start of your day.

13. Avoid distractions

Remain focus. Filter out your thoughts. An easy way to start at it is to stop thinking about the things that you can’t control. Moreover, use the 5 years rule. Do not think about the things that won’t matter to you after 5 years.

14. Filter out the junk

While scheduling your tasks, take a look to filter out the junk. Do not add non-productive or unnecessary tasks.

15. Get enough and sound sleep

Your sleep has an effect on your mental health. Sleep properly to have enough energy. Also, the sleep that you get at night cannot be replaced by daytime sleep.

16. Try to miss unnecessary opportunities

Do not always tempt yourself to opportunities. Some opportunities should better be missed because they aren’t productive. Try to access them.

17. Reward yourself

We work only for a long-term reward. Keep rewarding yourself in between the tasks to keep up the motivation.

18. Avoid multitasking

Do not multitask. This will only create chaos and mess things up. This is one of the best productivity hacks at work.

19. While at a task, keep yourself isolated

Your work will only stand out once you cut off all the distractions. Mobile phones are the biggest source of these distractions. Turn off push notifications. If the task is very important keep your phone in airplane mode.

20. Do not work on Sundays

Have at least a single holiday in a week. Not necessarily Sundays, but have an off day.

21. Always think of the “successful you”

Keeping a successful future in your head will help you to work hard to achieve it.

22. Do not watch TV

Lamborghini, the most expensive car, is not advertised on TV. It is because its owner thinks that the people capable of buying it are not the ones who watch TV and who watch TV are not the ones capable of buying it.

If you’re working from home, then this is awesome advice and one of the best working from home productivity tips.

23. Plan your day other than work

Not only plan your work routine but also plan your other tasks. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and owner of Facebook, wears the same T-shirt so he does not have to waste his time in deciding what to wear for today.

24. Access your day

Access your mistakes and failures and try not to repeat them in the future.

25. Make notes to copy paste messages

Being an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or a business owner, you get asked the same questions again and again by different people. Make notes to just copy-paste your replies.

26. The Pomodoro technique

Use the Pomodoro technique. Decide working hours, generally 25 minutes, separated by short breaks.

27. Make good use of social media

Stop following meme pages and film stars. Start following successful people like Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Ma, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, etc. So that you will have a positive impact on your personality.

28. Install useful apps

There are a lot of apps that will increase your productivity. Use Sleep Cycle to manage your sleep, Calendly to manage your schedule, and Strides to set your goals.

29. Make difficult tasks easier

Break down the difficult tasks into smaller manageable tasks.

30. Start your day with productivity

The start of your day marks the productivity of your whole day. If you start lazy, you remain lazy. So, start with the energy to spend an energetic day.

31. Do not pass even a single non-productive day

Try to do at least one task each day.

32. Use Productivity Hacks at work

Be productive at work. Do not make your work environment unproductive.

33. Check e-mails after specified intervals

Checking your inbox after each passing minute is a wastage of time.

34. Organize your e-mails

Make folders to organize your emails. This will save time and keep you away from chaos.

35. Make notes of your passwords

Forgetting any of your passwords can land you in grave danger. It will waste your time and energy. Make notes to deal with such situations.

36. Always have back up!

Your laptop or mobile can become out of order anytime. Have google back up to ensure the safety of your work.

37. Use grammar checking apps

These apps help you out in correcting your mistakes which will otherwise require a lot of focus and time.

38. Do not respond to messages in between the tasks

When in between a task, do not respond to your messages. Do not even read them. In fact, you should turn off your notifications.

39. Take out time for your learning

To increase productivity keep improving. Being stuck at a point will take you nowhere.

40. Drink enough water

Keep yourself hydrated. It increases focus.

41. Have a hobby

Have a healthy hobby, e.g., swimming, running, playing sports, etc. It will keep your mind fresh.

42. Outsource some tasks

Some necessary tasks take a lot of time and are not much productive. Outsource such tasks to save time.

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Author: Ayesha Gulbaz