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Cash Vs Credit Card

Cash vs Credit card – Which One to Use?

Cash or credit cards? There have been many arguments which one of those two payment methods is better and more convenient. No doubt, in some situations it is better to use a...
5 Effective Ways of Managing Small Business Finance

5 Effective Ways Of Managing Small Business Finance

Finance management gives small business owners a particularly hard time because they least expect it. When getting a small startup going, you tend to be more focused on gathering a creative...
How Can Blockchain Technology Help Transform The Finance Industry

How Can Blockchain Technology Help Transform The Finance Industry

A blockchain is a public ledger which holds all Bitcoin transactions which have ever taken place. This ledger is constantly growing as every day completed blocks are added to the blockchain....
Types of Small Business Loans

20 Types of Small Business Loans Can Help your Startup in Trouble

Are you exploring the best small business loans to fund your business? Here are the different loan options you need to know. You’ve probably heard the old adage that money makes money...
How to Check SIP Returns Online

3 Tips- How to Check SIP Returns Online

Systematic Investment Plans or SIP are one of the best investment options in the current times. Easy initial corpus, no burdens of paying an amount in one single installment, high to...
7 Most Important Invoices for Your Small Business

The 7 Most Important Invoices for Your Small Business

Small business owners, if they are engaged in any activity, need to send out invoices on a regular basis. While most tend to use the standard invoice format, there are still...
invest in marketing campaigns

What Percentage of your Profit should You Invest in Marketing?

There is no better feeling for entrepreneurs than to start a business and profits start trickling in. This is because you begin to feel as though you are doing something right...
Ways To Build Your Small Business Credit

5 Ways To Build Your Small Business Credit

An established small business credit history can help you qualify for a greater variety of small business financing options, and ensures that you aren’t forced to rely on your personal financial...
3 Tech Innovations Will Change the Future of Finance

What Does the Tech Future of Finance Look Like?

The concept of big data is difficult to understand. At the most basic level, big data refers to a collection of statistics, figures and metrics used to streamline operations and make...
receivable financing

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Receivables Financing

Account Receivable or AR financing is one of the traditional types of commercial funding. To put it simply, it is a method that encourages the selling of a business’ receivables or...


Busting the Top 5 Myths About Small Businesses

Every year, huge numbers of people entertain the idea of opening a small business and making a go at commercial success. Some succeed, and...