How to Close More Online Sales With 7 Simple Tricks


Many businesses understand the value of traffic but conversion is a bit more challenging because online sales are not as cut and dried as brick-and-mortar stores.

No ideal way works for every business, which is why knowledge of your customer base is essential. There are, however, things you can do to improve your technique so that you will convert traffic more efficiently. Here is how to close more online sales with seven simple tricks.

7 Simple Tricks to Close More Online Sales

How to Close More online Sales

1. Monitor Traffic and Conversion Rates

Knowing your conversion rate is the first step in closing online sales. Understanding what your customers do while visiting your page will enable you to strategize and make vital changes to improve your return on investment.

Conversion Rate = Number of Sales / Number of Traffic * 100

Example: If you had 15 sales and 130 visitors, your conversion would be 11.53 percent.

Analysis and optimization are critical because you will gain insight into consumer behavior and practices that allow you to implement marketing strategies that include the elements that attracted the traffic. You will also know when to re-evaluate your website when unfavorable conversion rates occur.

2. Prevent Loading Errors and Downtime

The most critical step is to build your website so that it is scalable. When creating your page, businesses think about aesthetics and accessibility but they often forget about the eventualities of growing larger, which is precisely the reason why lags occur.

More than half of Internet consumers give a website only seconds to load before abandoning it for a competitor. In times of high traffic, you want to ensure a positive user experience because it drives sales and customer returns.

➤ Use a balance of imagery, text, and video to avoid a lag in load time.

➤ Create short videos that are entertaining and connects a theme to your products or services.

➤ Utilize easy-to-navigate tools so that customers know how to get to sales easily.

➤ Test your page with Google’s speed tool. Use its developer tools to improve your speed.

3. Implement a Simple Checkout System

Did you know that one in four customers abandon their products in carts when checkout is too complicated? It is necessary to invest in a fast and efficient payment processing company, but not all of them are equal.

➤ Payment gateways process payments via secure transmittal of payment information even though the cards are not present during the transactions.

➤ Payment aggregators act as a traditional merchant account that enables smaller companies the opportunity to process payments. PayPal and Streak are examples that facilitate processing via a third-party website.

➤ Payment processors provide a variety of payment options including POS, NFC (near field communication), and EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) — all in a handy guide by Simpay — so that businesses can process credit cards in stores, online, or on the go. Simpay is one of the most trusted and versatile enterprises that provide both POS machines and straightforward e-commerce checkout payment processing capabilities.

It is well worth the time to find out how your page is rating and implementing a few techniques to convert your traffic into sales. When your page is well-crafted, your consumers will appreciate the tools you furnished to make their visit user-friendly.

4. Speak the Same Language as Your Customers

When customers search online, it is because they have an immediate need for a service or product. If you are not on page one of a search engine results page (SERP), chances are they will never even know you exist. SERP depends solely on a user’s search criteria, which is why you should use different keywords to rank higher.

➤ Exact match, branded, and related keywords have a higher SERP probability.

➤ Direct link hits help to improve ranking.

➤ Images, longtail, generic, and partial have average chances of SERP probability.

➤ A blend of these SEO strategies will make you more accessible to consumers.

➤ Set the tone on your website as formal or informal by using appropriate language.

5. Intensify Your Sales Marketing Campaign

The ability to create content is critical because it sets your business up as an authority while also boosting your subscribers. Online users will typically only read about 20 percent of anything you post, so you must make the title compels readers to want to read it.

➤ Create bold and precise headers.

➤ Separate subtext so that readers take in more of your text.

➤ Use keywords methodically to attract traffic to implement sales conversion


According to research:

➤ 4.29 percent of conversions are from email leads.

➤ 3.06 percent of sales are from organic search engine hits.

➤ 2.93 percent convert from direct links.

➤ 1.81 percent of social media generate sales.

If you are not using a variety of content upgrades, you are missing out on a significant source of sales opportunities.

6. Use CTAs and Lightbox Popups to Guide Traffic

A proven way to close sales is to use call-to-action and lightbox popups to guide your traffic to where you want them to be. You will do well to use several of them on each Web page because they are often easy to overlook.

➤ Offer a free product to gain subscribers to generate sales leads.

➤ Briefly describe product benefits.

➤ Always link to sales landing pages.

➤ Utilize the lightbox pop-ups in your content to get traffic to subscribe enables you to

   contact them further for sales opportunities.

7. Use Social Media to Generate Online Sales

There are billions of social media users that you can tap into to generate sales. It takes dedication and regular engagement which is something many businesses fail to accomplish because they do not build their customer base through social media.

➤ Post new content consistently.

➤ Always post links to sales landing pages in each post.

➤ Take the time to educate your followers about your product or service.

➤ Post reviews as they provide the best advertising for potential customers.

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