5 Original Strategies for Salespeople to Close Great Deals


A great number of salespeople fail to reach their full potential because of their outdated strategies or excessively aggressive attitudes. Today customers are intelligent, subtle people and they won’t tolerate any kind of patronization or mistreatment. The Internet has also contributed a lot to such development of customers’ self-awareness. Hence, what salespeople need to do is treat their clients with special care and attention. The following strategies will show you how to be persuasive and assertive without being obtrusive.

5 Original Strategies for Salespeople to Close Great Deals

salespeople closing great deals

1. Feel free to disagree

While the majority of marketers constantly repeat that the customer is always right, this rule has only limited distribution. This is why sometimes you have to explicitly express disapproval with some of your clients’ ideas. If you perceive your sales position and business as a long-distance race, trust and reputation are more important than a one-time deal. So, instead of indulgence or fake approval, show them you have a backbone and an attitude, but always with a strong argument and an example why the client is wrong this time. Such an approach will earn their trust and enable you to close more deals in the future.

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2. Offer a different point of view

Salespeople are often too talkative and overzealous to explain everything to the tiniest detail, thinking they will leave a better impression that way. However, too much verbalization can overshadow the product in question. So, try to take an educative role in the process of selling products, i.e. allow the clients to see for themselves how your products can serve them. By including product demonstration in your sales operation, you’ll save time and assets, while presenting what you do in a more illustrative way.

3. Learn when to quit

The great thing about the sales process is that it can yield so much pleasure for both sides. Basically, it’s a seduction game between the seller and the buyer. First you awaken your clients’ interest in your offer. Then you talk them into accepting your proposal. In the end they purchase a great product and you get an appropriate financial reward. Well, at least this is how things would unfold in an ideal case. However, if the other side wishes to terminate the game, you have to fulfill their wishes. When you learn how to recognize the right time to quit a sales procedure, you will make your dignity and reputation grow.

4. Respect your rivals

Modern sales tactics strongly disapprove of reprimanding competition. You will look like a terrible, disrespectful amateur if you build your sales campaign on expressing scorn towards your rivals. On the contrary, enrich your clients by giving examples of some smart decisions made by other businesses from your niche. It will show your clients you aren’t a low-brow salesperson, but a high-class professional. And then it’s the right to display some successful deals closed by your own company. That way you will both show appraisal towards your competition and exemplify why you’re an even better choice for business cooperation.

5. Expand your marketing network


When people hear the word sales, more often than not they think about selling tangible goods. Although this is something salespeople still do, services are overtaking the sales throne from tangible items. Nevertheless, if what you sell are services, then your approach to customers’ needs to be even gentler and subtler. Nowadays marketing experts can boost your brand popularity and sales through different services. What’s more, you can contact marketers from different parts of the world and ask them to give their special touch to your business. For instance, enhancing lead generation with Melbourne marketers can help you reach the markets of Asia and Australia. Similarly, native creative writers from the USA or the UK can improve your website content, making it more appealing and original.  Therefore, no matter if you sell offline products or online services, always keep searching for new solutions that will expand your field of work and offer a better service to your clients.

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As the global market is changing in many ways, salespeople need to adapt to those ongoing changes. These days you have to be far-sighted and sometimes agree to work for peanuts in the present, only to reap the benefits of your work in the future. So, keep pace with those new trends and use the advantage of working and selling nowadays, in a world with so many options.

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