Improve Your Sales By Using Both Printed & Digital Marketing


When people talk about marketing these days, they’re most likely referring to digital marketing, and it makes sense why. Considering that billions of people worldwide have an internet connection, it’s a huge market that every business wants to take advantage of.

However, that doesn’t mean print and traditional methods of marketing are useless or ineffective now. Businesses that simply focus on one or the other miss the opportunity to connect their physical and digital presence to have a larger impact and improve sales.

So, rather than thinking of them as conflicting elements of marketing, use techniques where they complement each other. Here are a few examples of ways you can do exactly that and create an effective marketing campaign.

5 Ways To Improve Your Sales Using Printed & Digital Marketing

Improve Your Sales by Printed and Digital Marketing

1. Integrate Traditional Marketing with Online Properties

Adding your website address, app, and social media accounts in print advertisements is the easiest way to connect both the digital and print worlds for your business. You can encourage readers to do this by mentioning details of a promotion, printing coupons, or even registering for competitions.

In creating a space for both markets in your marketing campaign, you can adhere to more customers in whatever way they prefer. This will significantly increase the chances of your business being successful, improve your branding, and skyrocket sales.

2. Take Advantage of QR Codes and Personalized URLs

Using QR codes and URLs is one of the most common ways small and large brands use print media to connect customers with their digital presence. Even large fast-food chains like McDonald’s have QR codes all over their stores, which customers can use to obtain discounts and special offers.

They also allow you to track and get valuable insight from customers by recording every scan and click-through.

3. Use Physical Goods to Promote Your Brand’s Name

QR codes and social media links don’t just have to be on a large billboard or banner. Print marketing can apply to a lot more materials than simply paper.

A great example is when companies include their brand’s name, website URL, and social media accounts on giveaway items, trinkets, and freebies like a T-shirt or coffee mugs. They serve as free advertising when your customers use these products out in the world.

4. Invite Digital Opt-ins Through Printed Media

Although digital platforms, apps, and websites offer convenience and reach a wider audience, many people still yearn for the sensory experience associated with a magazine or catalog. It’s no lie that printed media can have a stronger or at least unique effect on readers, making them engage with your brand.

One way to do this is to include an option to opt-in to email for your direct mail readers, then you can have digital opt-ins on other marketing channels and materials.

5. Implement CTAs in Both Digital and Print Materials

A solid call to action or CTA can be the push that customers need to engage with your business whether that’s by visiting your website or going to your business in person. There are tons of creative ways you can include CTAs in your digital and print marketing campaign.

For instance, if a customer sees an exclusive promo code in mailed letters or social media accounts mentioned in a brochure, they are likely to interact with it to get more information.

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Author: Thomas Wiggins