The Five Ways ERP Can Deliver (INFOGRAPHIC)


With hundreds of systems being offered in the market today that promise to make business more efficient and productive, only one system has proven to be investment-worthy for business owners, and that is the Enterprise Resource Planning. The ERP system has gained so much traction across different industries in the past decade that it already became a household name in every office today. Certainly, this system will not reach such condition if it doesn’t deliver the much-desired ROI, especially in sales and marketing.

Enterprise Resource Planning For Startups

For starters, ERP is a business process management software that integrates various business functions into a one, solid system making the backbone of the daily operations of most of the companies today. It only started as a program that aimed to streamline the manufacturing process in the ‘90s, but due to changing demand in many industries and advancement in technology, Enterprise Resource Planning is now a full-functional system that integrates office functions such as logistics, finance, human resource, marketing, information technology, material purchasing, manufacturing, inventory, accounting, and many more.

Most of the modern ERP software in the market today are also capable of electronic banking and can be deployed through cloud technology, making it more affordable for small and medium scale business who cannot afford to install ERP on-premise. Once a business decided to use ERP as a core part of their operations, they can experience a much efficient operation, allowing them to make a timely decision and giving them a competitive edge in the market. Enterprise Resource Planning nowadays are also integrated with Customer Relationship Management system, allowing them to strategically manage their customer database for better customer experience and retention.

    Aside from better customer management and increase sales, it is also interesting how ERP improves the morale and productivity of our workforce. Check this infographic and learn how ERP delivers ROI in your human resources.

Top 5 Ways ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Can Deliver 

5 Ways ERP can Deliver ROI

Guest Post By Kristel