10 Future Technology Trends Will Dominate in Upcoming Years


Technological discoveries are the spermatozoa of social change, says C.L.R James. That means future technology trends will change with respect to dynamic social trends. And these social trends changes with respect to changing needs and demands.

There are several reasons behind rapidly changing tech trends such as coping with scarcity of resources, improving life standards, increasing overall efficiency and cutting extra costs and much more.

These days, both small scale and big companies are inventing innovative tech things that seem to be magical stuff for many people. But this is the reality. This is the future of the world.

We are now living in 21st century which is full of challenges and new opportunities. Some tech inventions are directly related with challenges and their solutions. However, some tech inventions are also opening new gateways for wonderful opportunities.

Recently, Forbes published an article in which they revealed latest technology trends for 2022. In the article, they made predictions about virtual reality, artificial intelligence, rise of internet of things and much more.

Anyway, I’m going to share some future technology trends in a chronological order that will dominate in the upcoming years. Let’s discuss these upcoming tech trends one by one:

10 Future Technology Trends 2020 – 2050 for Techpreneurs

1. Conversation with Computers

In next few years, discussion and conversation with computers and systems will increase. I’m talking about conversational interfaces and chat bots.

Even in 2017, we often do conversations with systems and computers but not at wide scale. It is predicted that in next few years, chat bots and conversational interfaces will be more used for daily processes both at work and in life.

2. Drone Cars

Drone cars…..! Yes, just like drones aeroplanes you will see driverless cars in the upcoming years. It is a huge shift in the car industry. In future, cars will not consume fossil fuels. It will be electric/solar cars and run without drivers.

3. Virtual Reality (VR)

I’m damn sure, you probably heard about it. Virtual reality is getting famous these days. But it will be more used at workplaces in the future.

Basically, Virtual reality is a three dimensional computer generated environment which can be seen, explored and interacted by a person. The person who explores the computer generate environment, becomes the part of virtual world in which he/she can perform multiple actions and tasks.

Furthermore, experts say that the use of VR in the gaming, sports, entertainment, business and health sectors will rise. It has a great potential to change our lifestyle such as how we live, work, eat and consume.

4. Internet of Things (IOT)

Several times, I’ve discussed the increasing growth of IOT industry especially in my article future business ideas. The market size of IOT industry is in billions of dollars. That’s why tech companies are spending millions to grab the market share.

IOT is an exciting technology trend that will change our work experience in the future. Can you imagine that you can talk with your home? It will not remain your imagination in the future.

In next five years, you can control your home with your handy devices like smart phone. There will be apps through which you can manage your house works in just few taps. Some other excellent examples of internet of things are smart thermostat, smart security and lock systems etc.

5. Machine Learning

Back in 1980s, companies called themselves as software houses. In next decade, they were internet companies. In 2000s, they became social networks. Later in 2010, again they became machine learning companies.

Machine learning is a type of AI (artificial intelligence) through which software applications predict outcomes without the supervision and assistance of human being. In fact, you can also see this trend these days but in future, implementation of machine learning will be dramatically increased.

6. Hyper Loop

In 2012, Elon Musk (a tech entrepreneur) proposed a “5th mode of transportation” in which train pods can travel at a speed of 700 MPH or even more.

According to Telegraph, Hyperloop is a system of future transport in which train pods or containers can travel at a very high speed through a vacuum tube. The pods / container either float using air caster “Skis” or float using magnetic levitation technology.

Up till now, it seems like it is a fantasy but investors, inventors and tech companies are working closely to turn this idea into reality. It is expected that first Hyperloop will be available for commercial purpose by 2021.

7. Data Driven Healthcare

World Economic Forum published a report on future technology trends 2020 in 2014, in which they revealed tech inventions will greatly assist the healthcare industry.

We often hear about a term “big data”. Today, bid data is mostly used for market and competitive analysis. But in future, it will not just used for reporting purposes but also for prescriptive and predictive analysis. In this way, health providers can cure the patients’ diseases effectively.

8. Renewable Energy

Energy crisis is a worldwide issue. To cope with this problem, countries are shifting their power and energy systems from fossil fuels to solar system.

Reports predict that solar energy will be the best choice to power the entire country by 2030. To save more natural reserves, driving energy from nuclear fusion will be another good choice in 2045.

9. Cyber Attacks on Web Properties

Likewise traditional wars, cyber attacks will be increased in the modern world. Blogs, websites, online shopping sites and IOT apps are actually web properties and these properties have monitory worth and also contain sensitive information.

In future, cyber attacks will be conducted for monitory gains or also to extract sensitive information for several purposes such as blackmailing or spying on other countries.

10. Space Tourism

In 2050, space tourism could be feasible but only for wealthy people. Pearson said, tourism lovers will have to pay 100 million dollars for just a single space trip.

Furthermore, Tech Insider (the sister site of Business Insider) published another report in which they revealed future technology trends 2050. Here are some of the prominent trends you should know.

  • Tall buildings will act like mini cities
  • Controlling buildings through Artificial Intelligence
  • Radiative heating & smart lighting for
  • Exoskeletons for construction workers
  • Robots will perform dangerous construction jobs
  • Using 3D printing for rapid construction

Future technology trends are changing rapidly and opening doors for new business opportunities. Tech companies should invest today so that they can reap the benefits in the future.

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