Getting Traffic to Your Fashion Site from Instagram: Tips to Follow


Instagram has introduced business accounts in the year 2016. Since then, it is the priority of this visual platform to help the fashion brands along with the other kinds of brands as well as their followers in amazing ways other than getting only followers and likes.

It has been observed that even with the perfect marketing strategies, certain fashion brands find it extremely difficult to gain traffic on their business website. This is why you need to have knowledge about crucial and significant ways that will help in earning clicks for your brand.

Given below is a list of the tips that you can follow in order to gain traffic to your fashion site with the help of your Instagram business account.

7 Tips to Get Traffic to Your Fashion Site From Instagram

getting traffic to your fashion site from Instagram

1# Adding a link within your bio

By now, it is obvious that you are already aware of the fact that your Instagram bio is the ideal place where you can describe your business as well as the kinds of services and products that your customers can get their hands on.

This place is basically the first thing that your potential followers are going to view when they visit your profile. You need to ensure that you are adding the link of your website within your bio because this is the only place where you can do so.

By going through your entire Instagram profile, your customers can decide whether your fashion site should be visited or not. If they are interested in what you are offering, they will click on the link present in your bio.

This is going to be extremely helpful in ensuring that you get more website traffic.

2# Running Instagram advertisement campaign

Advertisements are definitely the best ways of luring people to purchase a product. This is a traditional method that is still being used by most of the brands; however, the method of advertising has become different.

You can run advertising campaigns on Instagram. You need to know that your followers can click on your Instagram advertisements, which is not possible in case of the organic posts. Users can directly visit the webpage that you have chosen.

Ensure that you are adding a call to action, as it will help in increasing the click-through rate. You can buy real Instagram likes in order to make your account trustworthy.

3# Tagging your products

Instagram has started rolling out an amazing feature, which is allowing the brands to tag their products within the organic Instagram posts. When an Instagrammer is going to click on the product, he will come across a short description of the product.

He will also be able to click on the website in order to gain more details about the product or if he is interested in making a purchase.

4# Using Hashtags:

Use hashtags to underwrite your items. Utilizing hashtags can help interface you to different clients in the style network. Instagram permits up to 30 hashtags in a post. So feel free to waitlist at any rate a hundred hashtags that you could on the other hand use in your posts.

Make sure to incorporate some that are high volume sought and some that are just about normal. To help catch the eye of new supporters, utilize famous, existing hashtags, for example: #photooftheday, #follow, #followme, #followforfollow, #tagsforlikes, #love, #instagood, #facebook, #like4like and substantially more. While choosing hashtags for your image remember that hashtags ought to be extraordinary and important to your fashionable products.

5# Youtube Channel & Video:

Influence YouTube. While posting recordings of your trendy adornments on Instagram, endeavor to guide your devotees to YouTube channel for looking for applicable subtleties of items.

Connect item arranged recordings in your blog. Joining a video to your blog is a standout amongst the most effective and speedy systems of pulling in another gathering of people. Attaching a video to your blog is one of the most efficient and quick techniques of attracting a new audience.

In fact, in terms of marketing, videos are often a unique selling point for any fashion business. Truth be told, as far as promoting, recordings are frequently an interesting selling point for any style business.

6# “Swipe Up” in your Instagram Stories

It is true that organic posts are not clickable but you can link organic stories if your account is verified. Most of the brands start becoming eligible to get verified without even having numerous followers.

Adding links to your stories is definitely an ideal way of attracting your followers to go to your fashion site.

7# Engage with your audience

Engagement is of prime importance – no matter which field or industry you are in. Search for popular hashtags and engage with the most recent posts.

Be it a like or a comment on the post, it will definitely bring that user to your account. Also share the quality post with attractive images.


Knowing how to gain traffic on your fashion site can be extremely challenging. Ensure that you are going through all the tips that have been mentioned above so that the entire process becomes easier for you.

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