14 Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines 2023


Are you a student who wants to opt for a high paying career or you are an adult who wants to change their fields for better financial prospects? Then you are in the right place because I have researched and put together the 14 Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines that will surely give you an idea about the kinds of jobs that are well paid.

I understand that nowadays money is the most important factor when it comes to choosing a career especially in a rapidly growing economy like the Philippines. However, it is not always easy to search and find high paying Jobs.

Hence, I decided to help Philippines readers who are searching for better career opportunities by listing the Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines. The 14 Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines are:

14 Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines

Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines

1# Surgeons/ Doctors

All over the world doctors and especially Surgeons are highly regarded and paid a good amount of money and the Philippines is not an exception.

One needs extensive education, skill, and knowledge to become a Surgeon and doctor hence it comes as no surprise that more experienced Surgeons can on average make 1,200,000-1,260,000 PHP or more per year in the Philippines.

2# Judge

Law-related jobs are also one of the Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines. Judges are respected and paid a handsome amount of money just like doctors since they are pillars of justice. Also, it is not easy to become a Judge. Hence an experienced Judge can earn about 1,470,000 PHP or more per annum.

3# Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Chief Executive Officers are responsible for smoothly running organizations, enterprises, and big businesses. Only the most competent and experienced people are appointed as CEOs.

It’s a job that demands a lot of work and input hence the salary is also handsome. On average a Chief Executive Officer earns about 1,160,000 PHP or more per year in the Philippines.

4# Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

It is one of the in-demand Jobs in the Philippines. Chief Financial Officers manage and regulate spending, revenues, and project budgets to make sure the finances of the big corporations are in order. They can make 1,100,000 PHP per year.

5# Lawyer

Competent Lawyers are always needed in present times and people are determined to hire the best lawyer ever to defend themselves in court.

After all, no one wants to have an assault case on their resume which will decrease their likelihood of landing a job right? Hence famous and competent lawyers can pocket between 900,000- 987,000 PHP each year.

6# Bank Manager

Bank Manager is another highest paying Job in the Philippines that can prove to be a successful career for you.

Bank managers can earn on average 971,000 PHP per annum since they are responsible for handling all the processes of a bank branch. If you are interested in Economics, Management or Accounting then this is the career for you.

7# College Lecturer

College Lecturers and actually everyone working in the education department in the Philippines can make a significant amount of money. It is because the government of the Philippines does not compromise on the education of children.

Hence competent and qualified Lecturers are hired to teach in colleges and they are paid well too. A College Lecturer can make 770,000 PHP yearly.

8# Pilot

Pilots have to go through a rigorous training program in the Philippines since they are also responsible for the safety of thousands of people.

Pilots get attractive wages since they have to go through tough training and no one wants a pilot to be exhausted from a part-time job during the flight right?

Hence they are paid more than enough to avoid such complications. Pilots make 800,000-850,000 PHP per annum.

9# Marketing Director

It is the age of marketing and the marketing team of every business is responsible to come up with strategies to advertise products and generate revenues.

That is why marketing teams are paid handsome salaries too. A marketing Director gets paid 700,000-725,000 PHP every year.

10# Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer is another one of the mentionable High Paying Jobs in the Philippines. They deal with the design, construction, and maintenance of complex infrastructure.

Plus again extensive skill and vast study is required to become a Civil Engineer hence it comes as no surprise that it is one of the High Paid Jobs in the Philippines. They earn on average. 490-500k PHP in one year.

11# Financial Advisors

Financial Advisor is also one of the Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines. They overview the finances of a company and offer legal advice or take care of legal matters in case of any financial court dispute. A financial advisor can earn 470-490k PHP each year.

12# Computer System Analyst

Computer system Analysts enhances, monitor, and modify IT system to cater to the needs of modern businesses. At least a Bachelor’s degree in an IT related field is required to become a Computer System Analyst. They are paid 470-490k PHP per year.

13# Developers and Programmers

Developers and Programmers design and develop new applications and programs etc. to solve complex problems. You’ll need a degree in Computer Science or some other IT-related field to become a Developer or Programmer. They make about 450-491k PHP yearly.

14# Accountant

Accountants regulate and maintain a record of the finances of an organization or a business. They pocket on average between 300-350k PHP per annum.


And there you have the 14 Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines. I hope they give you a clear idea about what type of career and fields have more to offer when it comes to chunky salaries and pays.

Clearly, the medicine and law-related professions are highly paid in the Philippines. However, there are various other fields like accounting, IT, and business management that can also help you earn an attractive salary.

Just stick with the profession that appeals to you most and work hard for it; you’ll for sure be successful. Good luck!

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Author: Mehak Sohail