How Can Poor Graphic Design Impact SEO?


Nowadays, just having a website doesn’t cut it for businesses. You need to use the website correctly to achieve your business goals and remain competitive. One of the vital elements of a website that needs your attention has to be graphic design.

Good graphic design is an essential tool that makes company websites deliver the best results. If you’re planning to invest in it, you need to make sure it draws many potential customers.

But then, poor graphic design can affect your SEO and website in several ways, as you’ll learn in this article. Here are some of them.

8 Ways Poor Graphic Design Impact SEO

How Can Poor Graphic Design Impact SEO

1.  A Negative First Impression

Your website needs to make a good first impression if you’re to increase conversions and revenue. According to experts, everyone has 30 seconds to make an impression. How well you use your 30 seconds will determine the results you’ll get from your SEO and website.

Being a visual aspect, you should make it impress your customers the first time they see it. Most visitors will click away if they do not immediately like what they see.

Consequently, that will increase your bounce rate and reduce your revenues. It will also affect your SEO and lower your rankings on SERPs.

2.  Poor Customer Conversion and Engagement

Customers will find what they’re looking for on your site quicker if your graphic design is on point. Besides, the better you place items on your site, the quicker customers will decide on whether they need them or not. It is vital to design your site with careful thought and consideration of customers.

Redesigning your website is a potential solution to poor conversions from your visitors. You can create a mock-up and see how easy it is for customers to find products on your website. A proper initial design should be sufficient for you if you do not have much time to test your website constantly.

3.  Longer Website Load Times

Poor graphic design can affect how fast your website loads. Websites that take too long to load often tempt visitors to click away from them because of poor experiences. Experts warn that you risk losing more than half of your website visitors if your website takes 3 or more seconds to load.

In many cases, your website will load fast if you optimize your graphic design. You should avoid overusing graphics in your website pages and also compress them when possible. Failure to optimize graphics can affect your SEO and significantly contribute to lowering rankings on SERPs.

4.  Unfriendly Website for Your Visitors

Internet users prefer interacting with easily navigable websites. The information on your site needs to look organized and not overcrowded to ensure the best user experiences.

A simple navigation structure isn’t easy to achieve so long as you hire the right graphic designer to do the job for you.

You can also optimize your site without hiring a professional if your budget is too low. There’re many laptops for graphic designers that you can invest in and start designing your graphics. But then, you may need help with some of the technical aspects of graphic designing to achieve the results you desire.

5.  Poor Mobile Responsiveness

Your website won’t give you the results you expect if you don’t make it for mobile. Many website owners are making their websites for users with small devices.

Thus, you risk losing out if you make your website exclusively for users viewing it on larger screens than what mobile devices offer.

Good graphic design makes websites more responsive to mobile devices. It would be best if you considered using imagery and videos only where necessary.

Besides, it would help if you optimized them to show on mobile device screens correctly. You’ll lose your website visitors and negatively impact your SEO and rankings if your site isn’t mobile-friendly.

6.  Difficult to Read Fonts

Difficult to Read Fonts

Fonts affect how you deliver your message and convince readers. The readability of text on your site affects your ability to convince a reader to take the desired actions. Fonts are a vital element of graphic design, as any professional designer will tell you.

Good graphic design involves using easily readable fonts that won’t stress your visitors. Consider every attention-drawing element that will attract your readers and include it in your images.

It would be best if you also remembered to match them with the font on the text. That will improve your SEO and make you rank higher.

7.  It Shows Poor Professionalism

Prospective customers will leave your website if it doesn’t look professional. You may be wondering what adds up to professionalism on a website. A professional website looks organized and uses graphics accurately to enhance user experiences and attract higher search engine rankings.

As a website owner, designing your website professionally should be in your mind. Ensure you use proper imagery that represents the products or services you offer your clients.

Your SEO score will be poor if you do not design your site professionally. That will also impact your performance on the highly competitive search engine rankings.

8.  Makes Your Site Untrustworthy

Make Your Site Untrustworthy
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Your website visitors need to trust you if you’re to get the desired results. One of the best ways to make your website look trustworthy is to do proper graphic design. Many people will trust your website if there’s the proper use of imagery and other graphic elements.

Besides, good graphics are costly to have on a website. Website visitors will regard your website highly if they think you’ve invested a lot in it. That will make them trust you and the products or services you offer. Consequently, your SEO will reap more benefits, and you will advance on SERPs.


It would help if you considered having proper graphics on your website for many reasons. Poor graphics negatively impact your SEO and SERPs rankings. You can hire a good graphic designer to help you create the website you desire or DIY.

In the end, a well-designed, professional and trustworthy website is all you need to make more profits.

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Author: Dan Martin