How To Get Free Gift Cards By Taking Online Surveys?


If you’re an avid online shopper, you probably want to get a hold of many gift cards for your shopping goals. Luckily, you can get free gift cards by taking online surveys.

Aside from being one of the creative ways to make money online, paid surveys can make gift cards accessible to you. That’s why instead of getting spam emails from fraudulent advertisers to win gift cards, you can work with some reliable market research companies that perform surveys on behalf of their clients.

Typically, market research companies need consumers’ feedback about different products. This is one of the reasons why they partner with several survey websites to gather the target group’s opinions.

And, to encourage many participants to join the surveys, they come up with several compensation options, such as redemption of free gift cards.

8 Steps To Get Free Gift Cards By Taking Online Surveys

Get Free Gift Cards
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If you want to receive more free gift cards by answering online surveys, below are some tips to consider from the get-go:

1# Find Out How Paid Surveys Work

It’s important to find out how paid surveys work so you can properly plan out your survey taking journey. First, take the time to check out each of them and know how you’re going to be paid per survey. Sometimes, there are survey sites that offer cash incentives or other rewards only.

Therefore, if you prefer getting rewarded with free gift cards, you should be familiar with how a certain survey site works. That way, you don’t have to waste your time signing up for numerous sites and answering surveys that don’t provide gift cards as compensation.

2# Sign Up For As Many Survey Sites As You Can

There are many survey sites available over the Internet. However, it doesn’t mean you’ll be qualified for every single option you find. Depending on what the market research companies look for, you may or may not be eligible for certain survey types.

Because of this, you should register for as many survey sites as you can to increase your chances of getting more survey invitations on a given day. But, before you begin signing up, you should make sure the sites are legitimate by checking their history and track record.

3# Create A Profile Page Properly

When registering for survey sites, creating a profile is a must because it’s where the market research companies base their survey invitations.

In other words, they’ll use the information provided on your profile to match you with as many surveys as possible. Thus, when you make a more specific profile, you’ll have a higher chance of taking more surveys and earning more free gift cards.

4# Check Your Email For More Survey Possibilities

If you want to obtain more free gift cards by answering online surveys, you should check your email regularly to stay updated with the latest opportunities from different survey sites.

If you’re fast enough in checking your email, you can get a hold of many surveys and, in turn, earn more gift cards as a reward.

5# Take As Many Surveys As You Can 

Even if your profile will tell what kind of surveys you can take, it’s still your responsibility to complete them as much as you can.

Hence, if you want to maximize what you can earn from this side hustle, you should answer as many surveys as you can and do them regularly. By filling in more surveys daily, you can have higher chances of getting more gift cards from your favorite eCommerce stores.

So, commit yourself to taking paid surveys, and you’ll certainly receive great rewards. The more you stay committed and consistent, the more you get what you want from this side hustle.

6# Complete The Surveys

There’s a variety of survey sites on the web, thus you may be tempted to fill in as many surveys as you can every day. Although this can be a great idea, you shouldn’t perform it in a rush as it may affect your chances of earning more rewards.

Realistically speaking, many market research companies consider how online surveys are driving change as a data collection tool. For this reason, you should focus on answering the surveys. Take the necessary time to complete the survey questions—read them carefully, understand what they mean, and be smart and honest when you provide your opinions.

Furthermore, whatever you’re asked, try to provide positive responses as much as possible. Refrain from giving answers that demonstrate your dislike to a certain product or service as it may affect your opportunity to take surveys. By doing this, you can avoid not getting paid by the market research companies.

7# Refer Some Friends

There’s quite a number of platforms that offer incentives when you refer some friends to take their surveys. Hence, if you want to receive more gift cards by taking online surveys, make use of referral programs available on different survey panels.

Most survey sites and companies will be glad to offer you with great incentives as you invite your friends to use their programs. That way, you’ll not only help the market research companies collect data, but you also reward yourself with free gift cards from your favorite merchants online.

8# Don’t Give Up Easily

Unlike other ways of making money online, taking paid surveys doesn’t provide you with more earnings and incentives. However, it doesn’t mean you give up easily and walk away with nothing.

Although the compensation is low at the start, you can still get the incentives that you want in no time. Just be patient and it’ll definitely be worth it. The more you persevere in answering surveys, the more you’ll be rewarded with gift cards as a result of your hard work.

Final Thoughts

Taking online surveys can be a good side hustle, especially if you want to earn extra money. But, more than the money, it can also be the most convenient way to acquire free gift cards from different online stores.

Thus, if you’re looking to get the most out of paid surveys, keep these tips in mind so you’ll know what to do from the start.

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