40+ Best Corporate Gift Ideas For Clients in 2023


Gifts are an essential part of a person’s life. Either it is someone’s birthday, anniversary, or even for office purposes, tips work wonders.

When it comes to office premises or business, you need to think about the best corporate gift ideas for clients to make them happy and keep them coming back to your company to get the services done.

Here are some of the gift ideas for VIP clients to make them happy.

Best Corporate Gift Ideas For Clients

Best Corporate Gift Ideas For Clients

1. Letters

One of the most beautiful gift ideas for business professionals is the letter written by you to the clients. It will leave a substantial impact on you and your company.

2. Give them a follow back

It is not always professionalism that connects you. Sometimes you need to be a bit frank by following them back on social media too.

3. Coupons

Coupons are the unusual corporate gifts that people would consider useless. However, tickets are a popular way to show some love to your clients.

4. Freebies

Besides your logo, give them something edible as a freebie. It is a big turn-on for your client.

5. Use first name

Taking the first name of the client makes him feel special, and they become comfortable in dealing with you.

6. Delight and surprise

Gift ideas for VIP clients can also be a delightful treat from the company in the form of a gift, which makes them feel happy.

7. Pre-sale notifications

Keep a record of your customers and keep them updated with the new products and sales.

8. Pre-or-after-hours events

Besides business, corporate health gifts can be a private meeting or any occasion.

9. Giveaways

Giveaways are proven to be the best method to excite people to action. Henceforth, conduct giveaways to make more customers.

Creating client gift giveaways is an exceptionally bulky and prolonged expedition. You ought to supply and vet the objects, layout the artwork, procure the objects from a number of suppliers, take a look at the objects for first-class issues, select out and percent the packing containers, and in the end deliver all of them out individually. You may visit Swag Bar for hassle-free ideas for client gifts.

10. Give a free purchase

Give your regular customer an open investment for bringing in another customer to your end. It builds a healthy relationship between the customer and the company.

11. Share something new

If you learn something new, share it with your client. It can help you grow if the client gets satisfied by using your products.

12. Ask for their feedback

Feedback is a valid source to keep the pulse of your client. Never ignore their input.

13. Make a charitable giving issue

People love to collaborate with the growing businesses. However, you can donate a part of your proceeds for a better cause.

14. Invest in excellent customer service

Customer service is one of the main things that attracts or disappoints a customer in any way. Give them the best to make them happy.

15. Post their stories

Post reviews on social media and tag them to show them that you value them in every way.

16. Birthday wishes

Treat them with luxury corporate gift ideas and send them individual requests in the form of flowers and a cake.

17. Schwag

Logo of your company’s name on any stuffed animal, USB, or anything else. People love to get something like this for free.

18. Answer online

People have an issue getting answers online. Try to be as responsive as you can

19. Make a loyalty program

Make a smooth application easier in understanding, which can be a punch card too.

20. Post-transaction gifts

The most important is the more significant transaction in which people get something related to what they purchase from you.

21. Think of the kids

Convince a parent’s heart by making their kid a target. Make play areas in your space and keep edibles along.

22. Train your staff related to personality grooming

Teach them the basics of communication ways of dealing with the clients.

23. Return policy

Companies with the back of their products for life along with a particular return policy.

24. Water and coffee

In case of lengthy meetings or waits, arrange water or coffee for the visitors. The clients always appreciate such little gestures.

25. Price comparison

It is one of the right corporate gifts you can give to your clients. Keep track of your prices.

26. Samples

Make sure you have free trials and test drivers along with the beta programs too. It increases the value of your products to the customer.

27. Go to them

Take something as a gift to their homes, such as a box of cookies or a candy basket. This is the best gift idea for VIP clients.

28. Free upgrades

Giveaway a free update on the launch of a new product to your best customers.

29. Sponsor locals

Put banners of your name in local areas to spread positivity among the local clients.

30. Share your amuse-bouche

Just like chefs have a small bite by themselves to serve you as a treat, serve your clients something like that.

31. Invest in the retention of the employee

Due to less turnover, your customers can have a better experience.

32. Holiday cards

Add holiday cards with handwritten tags, and there you go. You have already captured your client’s heart.

33. Sponsor more giveaways

Sponsor giveaways in contests, raffles, or blogger contests. It will help in building better PR.

34. Offer deals

Clients prefer coupons and deals on many things. Pair up with other brands and give limited offer deals.

35. Candy at the front table

Abowl of candies will naturally gravitate to it in your office.

36. Make extra efforts

Deliver your services to an extra mile. Help in little matters to make them comfortable with you.

37. Community board

It involves community suggestions on what to do next and how to run a plan in a practical way, their opinion matters.

38. Bring out a day for customer appreciation

Take out a day in a week and declare the appreciation thing publicly by giving them free stuff.

39. Solicit feedback

You cannot proclaim a voice to your customers anytime while coming in contact with your firm.

40. Use your data

Turn your big data into a big delivery by having good terms with the customers.

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Final Words on Corporate Gift Ideas For Clients

However, there are several other gift ideas that can turn a client and firm’s relation louder on many levels. It is beneficial for both parties in every way.