How To Leverage Digital Signage For Hotel’s Marketing & Enhancing Guests Engagement


One of the most challenging tasks for all industries is to engage the visitors or audience. With a shift in technological advancements, industries also noticed a transformation in the engagement levels of their potential customers and audience.

Of all the technological tools, digital signage has evolved to become a much sought-after tool due to its strong presence. The tremendous popularity and potential of digital signage motivated hoteliers to include digital signage in the hotel premises to engage the guests to their maximum.

However, the content displayed on the digital signage must be engaging enough for the audience to get attracted. If you are clueless about how to use digital signage to upscale and enhance the experience of your hotel guests, then you have stumbled at the right place.

This post will tell you about the creative and different ways you can seamlessly use digital signage to improve your hotel’s experience.

Without any further ado, let’s delve into the blog right away.

Different Ways To Improve Your Guest’s Experience Using Digital Signage

How To Leverage Digital Signage

1. Greet Your Guests

It is essential to leave a good impression on your guests when they enter the hotel premises. Place digital signage on the entrance of the hotel with a warm greeting message for your guests. Apart from the entrance, you can also place digital signage at the hotel’s reception area with a pleasant greeting quote.

Additionally, you can also play the video of the hotel premises and a few aerial photos to give a glimpse of the hotel to your guests. The guests would enjoy watching the picturesque videos on the digital signage while sipping on their welcome drink.

This would help leave a lasting impression on the guests, and they would look forward to their stay.

2. Display A Social Wall On Digital Signage

Social media is a giant pool of information and, most importantly, User-Generated Content, i.e., the content created by a brand’s existing customers.

The massive user base of social media reflects the enormous amount of content created by brand users, and further embedding it on hotel digital signage is a great way to increase the engagement level of the guests. You can conduct a fun activity on the hotel premises and urge the visitors to participate in it for more impact.

For instance – you can create a fun setup near the poolside or the spa and ask your guests to click pictures or make videos and post them on their social media handles.

You can aggregate all the content using a social media aggregator tool and display it in the form of a social media wall.

Your guests will be excited to see their content featured on a social wall, and it would motivate guests to make use of the opportunity and post content as well.

3. Safety Of The Guests

Another great way to use digital signage on hotel premises is for the safety of guests. Disasters can arrive without arriving, and hence the hotel authorities must be mentally prepared to tackle any emergency.

You can alarm the guests at the time of an emergency. Additionally, you can also display the preventive measures or issue an early warning to keep them safe.

Situations get out of hand at the time of emergency, and hence, it is crucial to keep things under control. Digital signage can display the necessary information and instructions to the hotel staff and the guests to take appropriate measures.

4. Easy Navigation

Often, the first-time visitors of the hotel lose their way and feel the need to take help from the staff members. It can be quite a frustrating experience for the guests as they may be exhausted after their long and tiring journey.

You can display a digital map of the hotel premises on the digital signage and place it in different locations to tackle this. Doing so would enable the guests to spot the sites easily without having to interrupt the staff members.

5. Display Digital Menus

Another great way to use digital signage in hotels is to display the menu of food and drinks. Gone are the days when hotels used paper menus to indicate their menus. It’s the age of the digital era, and menus are digitized as well.

Moreover, you can display the ongoing combos and deals on food and beverages, enticing more guests to make a purchase.

6. Over To You

This brings us to the end of this post, and if you are a hotelier, you would be interested in including digital signage on your hotel premises to take the engagement level of your guests to a whole new level!

What are you waiting for now? Use digital signage and get set to be amazed at the results!

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