Top 12 Must-have WordPress Plugins For 2021


Plugins are minute parts of software which are added in the Word press websites, because they save the time to write a lengthy code. They provide greater functionality and are easily available.

Following are the ten must-have WordPress Plugins for 2021 which can nearly be added to any website whether it belongs to business or tech niche.

Top Must-Have WordPress Plugins

Must Have WordPress Plugins

1. OptinMonster (Editor Picks)

It is one of the best lead generation must-have WordPress plugins which can be used to grow your email list.

Through OptinMonster, you can easily convert your website visitors into subscribers and drive high conversion rate. So, get your OptinMonster now and increase your subscribers up to 600% right now.

2. Yoast SEO

It is considered as one of the top SEO related plugins with over 5 million installations. It helps the website owner to optimize their blogs and web pages as per best SEO practices.

Further, it will give you tips on how to optimize your SEO keywords, titles and meta descriptions. It is a free WordPress SEO plugin, but if opt to premium plugin you will get advance features in it that will skyrocket your website SEO.

3. Updraftplus

It is a free plugin used for back up purposes of websites. It stores all the data of the website which include uploads and themes on a separate location.

The locations can be cloud-based which include DropBox, Amazon S3 and Google drive. It also has a premium version which allows duplicating and multi-network compatibility.

4. Ithemes Security pro

 It is a security WordPress plugin developed by Ithemes. It provides you more than 30 ways to secure your WordPress site.

According to research, 30,000+ new websites are being hacked every day. WordPress sites are being easily targeted by attackers because of plugin exposures and weak or easily hack-able password.

5. Wordfence

It scans hacked files and scans the access of visitors on the site. Wordfence takes advantage of the same private or unique feed warning you quickly about security issues.

It is not necessary to enter the API key in the “API KEY” field for the free version. Still, most of its versions aren’t free for use.

6. Really Simple SSL

Really simple SSL automatically detects your setting and starts your website to run on https. To keep it lightweight options are kept to a value.

It creates encrypted links between a web server and a browser. It has a mix content scan which shows you what options you have even without a green lock. Also provides an option to run HTTP Strict Transport Security.

7. Google Analytics Dashboard

These are widgets which quickly and smartly allow you to have envisioned your data. It highlights the most crucial stats about WordPress websites.

It gathers information about bounce rate, conversion data of audience and amount of traffic coming.

Further, it can be acquired without any technical knowledge because of the user-friendly interface. Another feature of the plugin is to have an overview of the reports and metrics you need.

8. WP Rocket

It does a lot of performance optimization and caching features to improve the speed and performance of websites. Some of the features include browser caching, the lazy load of images and page caching.

Every website is ranked by its performance, so, it is a very helpful plugin. It runs a special version on WP engine in which there is no conflict occurring between WP engine caching. It is a superb alternative to W3 Total Cache.

9. WP Smush

This award-winning plugin has the ability to do image optimization. It resizes and compresses the images with great efficiency. As most of the websites are slow because of the large size of images, so it is very useful for better performance.

It retains the image quality and resizes it. It provides optimization in any directory.  This plugin sets a max image width and length and large images are scale down when uploaded.  It also works on PNG, JPEG and GIF files for better results.

10. MailChimp

It helps to write better newsletters through different modes. It allows viewers to subscribe to your content.  Further, it was one of the most popular free plugins in the WP directory. It creates a sign-up form to connect web developer with users on the website. It has a premium version as well with many benefits like:

  • Various forms
  • Better style modification
  • Detailed reports
  • Email notifications

 This plugin integrates you with your MailChimp account.

11. Easy social share buttons

It is a social media sharing plugin. It provides higher social media exposure by allowing the person to share on a large number of social networking sites. For having all the features, you must have the premium version.

It has vast sharing extensions which allow WP websites to expand their social presence. It adds social sharing buttons to the posts on the website without slowing the website.

Default sharing buttons given by social media sites require a lot of additional downloading which increases the loading time of sites. If there is heavy graphics content in the image it directly adds share buttons to the posts.

12. GDPR Cookie Consent

This WordPress Cookie Consent plugin is the best tool to help you with the GDPR and related privacy law compliance. The plugin helps you achieve cookie compliance for DSGVO, RGPD, LGPD, and CCPA laws as well.

The GDPR plugin lets you create a nicely styled cookie consent notice on your website. Along with notifying users regarding cookies you can also seek their consent to either render or block cookies. The plugin lets you manage both first-party and third-party cookies.

The Privacy Policy generator that comes with the plugin lets you create a cookie/privacy policy from scratch with its built-in templates. You are also allowed to customize the content as per your requirements. Automatic cookie scan, cookie consent log, etc., are the premium features of the plugin.

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Author: Attiya Awan