21 Profitable Small Farm Business Ideas 2023


You must have heard the word “small farm business” a lot lately. That’s because small farms are now considered as cost-effective businesses among entrepreneurs and young businessmen.

In the US alone, 97 percent of farms are family-owned small businesses. Small farms are considered the backbone of agricultural industries Worldwide and they contribute enough revenues to the economies that they even receive tax exemptions every year.

Plus governments all over the world also give grants and set up funds to facilitate and promote small farm businesses.

Now when the word “farming” is mentioned the images of hard-working farmers breaking their back at work from dawn to dusk come to mind.

However thanks to technological advancements; small businesses work differently. Now Farmers all over the world can manage small farms and earn considerable revenue from it.

Hence this might be the best time to invest and start your own small farm business. However, you need to think carefully before you set up your business.

There are tons of small farm income ideas available on the internet but which one is appropriate for you? To find answer to this question you first need to ask yourself why do you want to own a small farm business? Because you love farming? Or it is a hobby? Or you want to own a small farm to earn profit and have a stable source of income?

If you are here because you want to start a small farm business that will prove to be lucrative then you are in the right place. Because in this article I will throw light on what a small farm business is and what are the most lucrative small farm business ideas.

Even if you want to start a small farm business as a hobby you should continue reading since it is likely that you might end up falling in love with one of the options on this small acreage farming list.

What is a Small Farm Business?

Each country has its own set criteria to determine what operation will be considered a small farm business. However, those farms that gross less than $350,000 annually will be classified as small farm businesses in most countries.

You should read the small farm business classification system of your country if you want to know more about what is classified as a small business farm in your home place. Now let’s move to discuss the most profitable small business ideas.

Profitable Small Farm Business Ideas

Profitable Small Farm Business Ideas

1. Tree Nursery/ Farming

Tree Nursery is a profitable small farm business idea. Most farmers end up selling their tree before they even mature. Plus tree nursery does not require the expertise and skill of an expert farmer.

Also, a small tree can be bought for $20 so it won’t be expensive to set up a tree nursery. You can also choose to grow those trees that can be propagated through budding or grafting so you don’t have to buy new trees all the time.

2. Mushroom Farm

Mushrooms are in demand all over the world hence a Mushroom farm is a good small farm Business Idea. Mushrooms are very convenient to grow and harvest. They can even be grown in a vertical space.

Often mushroom harvest from a single room is enough to bring in full time income. Moreover, Mushrooms also have fast growing circle so you’ll be able to get multiple harvests from a single room farm.

3. Vegetable Farm

Vegetable farming accounts for major vegetable harvests all over the world. If you are familiar with the art of growing vegetables; than this is the farm for you. You can sell vegetables in big markets or to restaurant chains etc.

4. Herb Farm

Herbs are used in producing several products so they sell quite conveniently. You can easily grow basil, chives, parsley lavender, and catnip, etc. They are quite easy to grow and you can also grow them beside vegetables.

Furthermore, you can grow those herbs that keep bugs away so your vegetable will remain the safe and you’ll be able to make money out of the herbs too.

5. Microgreen Farm

Microgreens are packed with nutrition and hence they are quite in demand. It is the stage of plant development before they become a baby green plant and start to become a vegetable.

They grow within a few weeks. Furthermore, you don’t need a lot of space to grow them. You can just grow them in some trays and then scale up with time.

6. Bee Farming

The capital required to start bee farming is quite low.  It can be started within $500-$1000. Plus, it is one of the most profitable small farm business ideas.

You can utilize the farm to produce products like beeswax, royal jelly, bee pollen, or just honey. All of these products are very famous among the general public.

However, bees can also sting mercilessly so make sure you have protective gear, relevant skill, and all other hive tools to maintain a bee farm.

7. Fruit Farming

Fruits will always be in demand since they are eaten all over the world so why not start a fruit farm?

You can plant fruit trees today and work on them for a few years to get harvest for as long as trees last or you can get dwarf trees that bear fruit sooner than tall trees.

8. Fish Farming

Fish Farming is a scalable small farm business idea. If you don’t own a body of water; you can just invest in a fish tank or fishing pond. Tilapia, cod, and catfish are the most in-demand farm fishes and they are very easy to raise.

However, do proper research before you invest in a fish farm since ultimately the revenue will depend upon your abilities to maintain the farm.

9. Dual Crop Farming

Dual Crop Farms usually grow two crops either in the same area (mixed cropping) or grow crops in close proximity (intercropping).

It is very famous among farmers as it reduces the risk of complete loss from pests, weather calamities, and diseases. Strawberries and Watermelon or wheat and Soya bean are good pairs for multiple cropping.

10. Micro Diaries

Micro Diaries are small-scale dairy farms. These farms are easier to run if you own pasture land.

Moreover, you’ll be able to sell fresh organic milk along with products made from milk like homemade butter or cheese.

11. Small Scale Meat Farm

Small scale meat farm is one of the common small farm business ideas. You can raise cattle, sheep, or pigs in your small scale meat farm.

Meat from small scale farms is considered premium and organic hence people are willing to pay for it. However, the start-up price of a meat farm is higher as compared to other farms we have discussed.

12. Forest Gardening

A forest garden produces and grows food in a woodland ecosystem. It involves growing different kinds of crops in the forest without clearing large areas of land.

This is a viable option for those people who live near forests and have no plain land of their own for farming.

13. Poultry Farming

To start a poultry farm you just need to buy young hens who will lay eggs. You can sell those eggs to local restaurants and people.

Later you can sell the meat of hen too.  The small scale produced eggs and meat are considered organic hence people buy them readily.

14. Hydroponic Farming

In hydroponic farming, plants are grown with water-rich nutrients with which their roots are always in contact with instead of soil.

Everything from herbs, to microgreens to vegetables and fruits can be grown with hydroponic farming. It also accelerates the growth rate of plants by 20%.

15. Snail Farming

People all around the world eat escargots which is a basically a cleaned and prepared snail dish.

In the US alone about $4 million worth of snails are imported annually hence there is a big market for snails. Plus snails are super easy to breed and raise. They eat leaves and plants hence snail farming is a low-investment Small Farm Business Idea.

16. Rooftop Gardening

Are you stuck in the city where you have no land to farm? Then you should consider looking into rooftop farming.

You can grow medicinal herbs, flowers, and small plants in pots on your roof and sell them to consumers.

17. Worm Farming

Well, you can even start your own worm farm and sell compost to other farmers and farm business owners.

18. Flower Farm

It’s a low investment Small Farm Business Idea. You can grow flowers and sell them to flower shops or deliver them to event organizers for decorations etc.

19. Weed Killer Production

You can produce weed killers and sell them to small scale businesses and farmers. Since weed killers would always be in demand you would never go out of business.

20. Animal petting farm

You can create a petting zoo and put old and young goats, pigs, cows, donkeys, and ducks, etc for children to interact with.

You can charge an entrance fee and let children interact with animals under the supervision of your staff.

21. Christmas Tree Farming

If you have spare space n your land that is not appropriate for growing crops then you can just convert that into a Christmas tree farm.

However unlike other crops that grow every season; you’ll need to work for 8-9 years to plant, grow, and harvest your Christmas trees since they take time to grow.

Final Words on Agriculture Business Ideas

Small scale farm businesses have proved to be lucrative and stable hence I hope these money making agriculture business ideas will prove to be helpful to you too.

Remember! Do your research on small farm business ideas before you invest in anything so that you won’t face any problem later. Good luck on your new business journey.

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Author: Mehak Sohail