Revolutionary Digitization Transforming the Way We Work


“When digital transformation is done right, it’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, but when done wrong, all you have is a really fast caterpillar.”George Westerman

If you were ever sent into a time machine and were given the choice of selecting an era or a period to which you would want to go back to, which one would it be?

I guess for most of us who are privy to the high tech and modernized world of the 21st century, the reply will be that we would love to go back to the era before the dawn and rise of the very same digital era. Having said that here is another impeding question linked to the answer given above.

Can you imagine what your workplaces will be like without the dawn of digitization?

Revolutionary Digitization Transforming the Way We Work

I’m more or less sure that irrespective of how much we wish things were non digitized, the boons that we get through them at the workplace is something without which most of us today will feel handicap. Imagine going back to the time without the computers, when all you could do was make charts and go to the board and explain every point without the help of a PowerPoint Presentation.

Scary right?

It is hard to deny that most of our lives have improved considerably thanks to our workplace getting digitized. In fact, the number one priority of most companies today is to unlock digital intelligence so that the employees have a better work environment that enables them to get more work done and that too with flexible work from home options.

For years beforehand work meant going to confined offices and spending hours together just to get the tasks completed. However, with the emergence of the digital era workers are able to collaborate with others not just in the same office but in offices spread across different countries thanks to the wizarding effects of devices being connected to each other with the power of intranet and the internet.

According to Mckinsey like every fad and trend, organizations today follow the ‘digital transformation’ hashtag. It won’t be incorrect to say that it is the Word of the century for most organizations today and it is something without which most industries won’t survive.

So exactly how does digitization impact and change the workplace and the environment? The first thing is to understand that all workplaces are going through a renaissance of their own where they are upgrading the way they work.

Gone are the days when closed cubicles and enclosed office spaces inspired people to work. The demand today for most employees is to work in an environment which allows them to work without any space boundaries and restrictions.

With state of the art technological equipment’s now making their way into most office spaces, there is a fresh lease of life that everybody working there has got. No longer do you need to be confined to your office desk to show how productive you are.

As long as you have a smart device and a backup of all your work, you can easily complete your tasks from almost anywhere in the world. It is true when people say that the digital era has shrunk the globe, because today technology and internet has given the global citizens the power to actually go global without leaving the comforts of their city and homes.

One more transformation in the workplaces is the number of offshore employees and freelancing workers that are being engaged. According to a recent survey conducted by the American Time Use Survey it was highlighted that in the year 2017, 24% of the full-time employees reaped the benefits of working from home.

5G Internet Connectivity

This is a sight that seemed impossible to achieve before digitization and considering that the world is now waiting to awaken to the joys of 5G internet connectivity, this number is only bound to go up.

If this was not enough, according to another poll conducted by Pepperdine University a whopping 69% of millennials confidently say that they don’t need a designated desk or office space to show their productivity, and also claim that they show better productivity by working in co-working and office sharing formats.

While for most traditional fellow workers coming to terms with this trend is difficult, it is also true that with the help of digital tools such as a seamless connection to the cloud, and high-speed internet this and a lot more can be achieved.

This remarkable digitization in the corporate world has redefined not just the employee satisfaction but has also set a new benchmark for customer satisfaction and engagement. Various digital tools have only helped smoothen the process of intern departmental and global communication, and this in-turn has helped people work better with each other instead of working against each other.

A simple ground baker was with e-commerce giants Amazon upgraded their tech systems and dispatched the mailing of smaller products to their customers with the help of a drone. Imagine the speed and the efficiency with which organizations can today reach their goal!

Things that took more time and efforts have been streamlined by digital tools and this means that more concentration can be given to things that comprise of the bigger and greater picture in the long run. There are no stopping organizations from reaching new highs with the help of digital tools.

In fact, one will see that these tools are the same for everyone and yet some are able to use them more efficiently than the others. And, this is exactly where all the difference comes in place.

“ The power of digitization is open and available for all and believe it or not the fruits to be reaped from it are sweet and worth working for. What matters is how well you understand that digitization is the need of the hour and is something without which you and your organization will cripple and fall” — Gadget guru and assignment expert at GoAssignmentHelp.

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