The Rise of Smartphones is A New Opportunity For Businesses


Over 5 billion people use smartphones today. It’s something we always keep with us and check it every few minutes. For some reason, most of us don’t consider it a disturbance or distraction and enjoy the time we spend using it.

Just like the internet, the rise of smartphones has opened doors to many new opportunities for businesses. They just need a way to connect to their target audience, and mobile phones offer the perfect gateway.

Here, I’ve shared how the rise of smartphones offers many new business opportunities that you can seize.

How Rise of Smartphones Bring New Opportunities For Businesses

How Rise of Smartphones Bring New Opportunities For Businesses

1. Mobile Applications Keep Customers Engaged

We have many applications installed on our mobile phones. Some of them came pre-installed, and others we installed later. Most people don’t uninstall an app after they installed and used it once. This has provided businesses a great way to reach out to their target audience.

It’s up to eighty percent cheaper to get existing customers to buy again compared to attracting new customers. That’s why it’s a priority of every business to retain its prospects. Your only challenge would be getting people to install your application. However, you can use mobile SEO services in Australia to make it easy for people to find you.

People had to visit your website before, but now they can reach you with just one touch. You can send them notifications and inform them of all the updates and offers. This has made the job of engaging the customers much more efficient.

2. More Efficient Customer Service

Customer service is now faster, and you get to resolve all their problems right away.

Most of the time, they don’t even have to contact you because they can automatically launch any complaint and get the information they need. For example, they can see the complete status of their orders through the mobile app.

It’s up to 80% cheaper to retain existing customers than to attract new ones. There is no point in spending a big portion of your budget on marketing when you are just going to keep losing your customers. Remember, they will trust you the first time, but won’t return if you don’t offer the best of service.

There are already many competitors looking to snatch them from you. You have to have a good customer service department that is always there to listen to reported and unreported issues and resolve them right away. One lost customer can lose you two other customers who are in his circle.

Mobile phones can help you keep your clients happy and returning for more. Many people prefer to text their problem than make a call. You can send text messages to get feedback and answer queries. On top of that, mobile applications have made it easy for people to get answers themselves without interacting with any human customer representative.

This helps you save a significant amount of customer service and get more sales by winning customer loyalty.

3. SMS Marketing is Alive Again

People were sick of marketing messages about a decade ago. Marketing was not as evolved as today, and professionals only knew aggressive advertising. This made most consumers really angry, which resulted in strict laws regarding telemarketing.

Most people entirely stopped paying heed to the text messages they received. However, people use mobile phones today more than ever. They have extra features that give them the power to customize the device according to their preferences.

They no longer mind getting text messages as long as they are not too long or too many. They can easily block any contact or number they don’t want to receive messages from. The new interface of text message applications has also made them less annoying.

4. Connect with Them Through Social Media

People are using more social media on smartphones than they ever did on a computer. They have all applications such as Facebook and Instagram installed in their devices and spend a significant amount of time on them.

It’s much easier to engage them through your pages on your social media pages. They are most likely to see your post or advertisement at least once a day.

Social does not just help you attract new customers, but it’s also great to retain the existing ones. The kind of data social media provides you about your target audience is rare to get. The information you would get by conducting surveys by spending thousands of dollars is easily provided by social sites.

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Author: Thomas Wiggins