12 Shopify Apps You Absolutely Must Use – Both Free and Paid


One reason why Shopify is a great eCommerce platform is its large library of apps, which makes it possible to do so much more. Here are 9 Shopify Apps you must use if you’re serious about growing your business and profits.

Why do you need Shopify Apps?

Creating a store on Shopify is no big deal. Being a lot easier to use as compared to other Shopify alternatives, you can literally set up a store in a few hours.

But once you get done with your store set up, you obviously want people to find you, come to your store and buy from you.

Well, that’s when things get a bit tricky as you need different marketing and sales techniques to get people buying from you.

Enter Shopify apps, which give your store that extra boost of features that help increase your sales and revenues.

While there are countless Shopify Apps that could give your store that much-needed sales boost, here are the top recommendations for every store owner.

12 Shopify Apps You Should Be Using

#1 – Smile Loyalty


Two of the most cost-effective marketing channels are word-of-mouth marketing and loyalty programs. Studies have shown that customers referred by a friend are 4 times more likely to buy and have 37% higher retention rate.

While delivering an amazing customer experience will make your tribe happy and satisfied, you also need to give your customers a little budge so they start talking about you.

A referral program that offers referral rewards to existing customers for referring and new customers who are referred, does the trick.

Smile.io is a referral app for Shopify that allows you to set up a referral program in a few clicks. It also allows you to set up a Loyalty program so you can retain your customers and grow sales.

It starts from a free plan with paid plan starting from $49.

#2 – Upsell Recommendations

Upsell-Recommendations Shopify Apps

Want to grow your bottom-line? The magic lies in upselling and cross-selling.

With a successful upsell and cross-sell, you can increase the average order total of your customers, increase your sales and revenues without bearing the cost of customer acquisition.

With Upsell Recommendation, which is completely free of cost, you can display a row of related products on your product page, which the customer can instantly add to cart with a single click.

It’s fully automated so you don’t have to do anything. Just configure its settings and it will start displaying personalized recommendations on the product page.

#3 – Plug in SEO

Improving your SERP rankings can help you get the most targeted traffic to your site – people who are ready to buy your product and aren’t just casual browsers.

Plug in SEO is a must-have Shopify App for every store that plays the role of a personal SEO assistant, and alerts you of any SEO issues found on your store.

It has a free plan available with paid plan starting from $20/month.

#4 – SEO Image Optimizer

Google Images is the second largest search engine in the US after Google itself. If your product images aren’t optimized for search engines, you’re simply leaving money on the table.

SEO Image Optimizer will take care of SEO image optimization without you having to do anything. It automatically optimizes the alt text of all images on your site.

The app has a free plan available with paid plan starting from $25.

#5 – Product Reviews

product reviews on Shopify Apps

Social proof can kick logic out of the window. When people see others doing something, they think it’s in the best interest to buy it.

Product reviews are an excellent way to add social proof on your store. This Shopify App is developed by Shopify itself and is highly recommended for every Shopify store.

#6 – Omnisend


Your customers are using so many different channels today from SMS, email to search engines and social media. Why own just one channel when you can reach out to your customers on all of them?

Omnisend allows you to build and automate marketing workflows on all these different channels. With segmentation features, you can send highly targeted messages to your customers. It even syncs with Google and Facebook ads to automatically run retargeting campaigns.

It’s a complete marketing solution for eCommerce.

Both free and paid plans available.

#7 – Recharge


Do your customers regularly need to restock your products? Even if they don’t, you can always come up with unique product ideas that your customers would like to subscribe to.

With Recharge, you can turn one-time products into subscriptions and earn recurring revenue from them. The app allows your customers to manage their own subscriptions on the customer portal.

This app is especially useful for stores selling every-day items like groceries and healthy meals and also for B2B companies using Shopify for eCommerce. Most business buyers would appreciate a subscription option so they don’t have to place bulk orders repeatedly.

The app is free until $100,000 in processed revenue.

#8 – PushOwl

How many times do you visit a social media site because of some notification? That’s how effective push notifications are.

With PushOwl, you can send push notifications to your customers and bring them back to your store. Sending push notifications is also a great way to reduce cart abandonment.

It has both free and paid plans available.

#9 – Aftership

aftership Shopify Apps You Should Be Using

Great customer experience doesn’t end with the purchase. Take your customer experience to the next level by building a branded order tracking page where customers can track the status of their order, check delivery status with all contact details of the courier, tracking number, whereabouts of the order and more.

With Aftership, you can also send your customers automated email or text notifications about their order. Both free and paid plans available.

#10 – Pre-Order Manager

Every time your customers lands on a product that’s out of stock and leaves without buying, you lose a sales opportunity.

To avoid losing more opportunities, convert those customers with a Pre-Order button. With Pre-Order Manager, you can display a Pre-Order button on your out-of-stock products and capture those opportunities while you replenish your stock.

This app also lets you manage pre-sales and coming-soon products. You can even apply pre-order or pre-sale discounts automatically to selected products or your entire store.

Both free and paid plans available.

#11 – HelpCenter

With HelpCenter, you can set up a useful FAQ page so you don’t have to answer repeated queries from customers 24/7. It’s a huge time-saver for both you and your customers.

You can create a multi-layer, easy to navigate and mobile optimized FAQ page that lets your customers find the answers they need without even asking them. It also has an option for a contact form so customers can reach out when they don’t find the answer they need.

Both free and paid plans available.

#12 – Wishlist Plus

Sometimes, customers aren’t ready to buy just yet. With Wishlist Plus, you can add a simple Add to Wishlist feature on your product page that allows customers to bookmark their favorite products so they can come back to your store and purchase them later.

Wishlist Plus also integrates with other marketing tools so you can retarget your customers and run targeted ads based on their Wishlist activity.

Starts as a free plan with paid plan starting from $15.

Wrapping it up…

If you’re serious about growing your business and your bottom-line, you just can’t get away with a simple Shopify store without installing any Shopify apps. The above listed apps are highly recommended for every Shopify store.

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Author: Tooba Harris